The Fabasoft Personnel File offers everything it takes to manage your employees’ personnel data digitally, centrally and in compliance with EU-GDPR. With ready access on information, automated standard processes as well as easy and traceable availability of information, valuable resources are saved and many further benefits are achieved.


Significant reduction of the workload at HR

Automated processes, central administration as well as efficient reporting and search methods assist you in saving the resources of your staff.

Measurable savings of time

Finding the required information on employees is a matter of seconds thanks to the semantic search in the Fabasoft Personnel File. Going through files for hours on end belongs to the past: The intelligent Mindbreeze search also evaluates the content of documents.

Working without any worries

The Fabasoft Personnel Files has everything you need to meet the compliance requirements of your organisation. The retention periods and the concept for the deletion of records are specified centrally for all document categories. The Fabasoft Personnel File automatically handles adherence to these rules. Your HR department achieves compliance with EU-GDPR without any compromises.

Reducing interruptions

Self-service enables your employees to examine their personnel files quickly and regardless of time and place. Your HR staff is interrupted less often by requests for information that is needed right away.

Keeping an overview

Digital administration systems allow you to manage your access control with more efficiency. You can achieve full traceability on access and authorisations, any time and everywhere, without having to compromise on data protection.

Saving physical space

Reduce your piles of paper. Thanks to the Fabasoft Personnel File you can safely dispose of them. Use the space you gain for other challenges of your organisation.

Made in Europe

Fabasoft is a European software company developing its products by itself and hosting its infrastructure independently. Since the entire source code is stored in Europe, European autonomy is guaranteed.

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Hasan Cakmak

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