Intelligent Enterprise Digital Asset Management in the Cloud

Digital Asset Management

Digital content such as images, videos, audio or text is at the heart of every successful brand today. It is the strategic priority of businesses to use their valuable content as efficiently as possible and at the highest standards.

Fabasoft Cloud App "DAM" is the intelligent, central, continuously available software system for your digital assets. Global teams as well as agencies, suppliers and resellers can quickly find the right content, use it consistently, administer and edit it with ease and comfortably release and share it.

Our Enterprise product is providing you with full flexibility and all the benefits of a Cloud solution, based on an internationally outstanding, certified security level. Our system is also available as an on-premises or a hybrid solution, if required.

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Fabasoft Digital Asset Management helps you keep your content under control

Powerful and easy to use

Fabasoft Cloud App "DAM" is the perfect solution for all of your challenges in Digital Asset Management.

The primary focus is on user friendliness and on the main functions for the efficient handling of image, video & Co.

This helps you quickly find your way around the product so you can put all your energy onto your business.

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Our Digital Asset Management system is focussed on user friendliness

Find assets incredibly fast

Enterprises are holding an enormous number of digital assets. The wealth of information sometimes makes it hard to keep an overview and find the required content as quickly as possible.

You will be impressed with Fabasoft Cloud App "DAM", powered by outstanding Mindbreeze enterprise big data search technology. Natural language processing perfectly targets your search. Content may even be analysed semantically and classified according to domains.

Fabasoft Cloud App "Digital Asset Management" therefore finds exactly the asset you are looking for. It’s almost magic.

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Digital Asset Management software requires outstanding search technology

Easy internal and external collaboration

Internal and external collaboration become a walk in the park with Fabasoft Cloud App "DAM".

Our “Teamrooms” are protected project areas where you, your employees and your partners can discuss and collaborate in a safe and traceable environment. Easily configurable workflows allow for optimised processes.

Use media galleries, external links and transfer collections to share digital assets with contacts from outside of your organisation safely and easily.

The sophisticated calendar and appointment system guarantees that important matters are dealt with, not forgotten.

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Fabasoft Digital Asset Management software enables easy internal and external collaboration

Flexible security on all levels

Use the functionalities provided for organisation management to administer your entire organisational and team structure, your employees and external organizations. You can grant access on digital assets with full flexibility for all of these levels.

Thanks to full version control – the “time travel” – any activity is traceable at any time and can be reverted if necessary.

Fabasoft Digital Asset Management provides a powerful system for version control: the "Time Travel"

Use digital assets in accordance with licensing terms

Using digital assets in accordance with the relevant licensing terms is critical to the success of your business. Frequently, copyright infringements happen by mistake but are nevertheless costly.

With Fabasoft Cloud App "DAM" License Management you can easily administer all license information and avoid abuse.

Fabasoft Digital Asset Management software provides great capabilities to safely manage your license rights information

Full power for your Enterprise

The sky is the limit - it's as simple as that!

We know that enterprises always need to cover custom requirements, use cases and business processes. So, whether you are working with your own forms, flexible data structures, workflows or if you require API integrations to other software systems: Fabasoft Cloud App "DAM" will certainly be the right solution for your requirements.

Own forms, flexible data structures, workflows or API integrations to other software systems are easily covered by Fabasoft Digital Asset Management

Mobile app, responsive and accessible

Fabasoft Cloud App "DAM" is easy to use on all devices. Mobile apps for iOS and Android are equally available.

We have also been listening to people with impairments: Fabasoft Cloud App "DAM" has implemented the W3C WAI-WCAG 2.0 standard and is therefore fully accessible.


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Digital Asset Management software by Fabasoft - Mobile enabled, responsive and accessible

Windows and MacOS clients

Are you looking for a Digital Asset Management system that is as easy to use as a customary Cloud storage service?

With Fabasoft Cloud App "DAM" you can synchronise your data locally on your Windows or MacOS computer to ensure that it is always up-to-date.

Working with digital assets can be incredibly easy!

Synchronize content from Fabasoft DAM to your local system easily

Boundless security and compliance

Deployment Options

Hosting either on-premises, as a hybrid, hosted Cloud or Cloud service


Data storage in Europe, according to your choice either in Germany, Austria or Switzerland


With Fabasoft DAM you are EU-GDPR-compliant