Guarantee traceability at all times with professional correspondence management

Correspondence Management

Clear and transparent correspondence management instead of a chaotic mess of disorganized e-mails. Fabasoft Correspondence Management is designed to professionalize collaboration and cooperation, particularly for large-scale projects, and to make contractually relevant communication with business partners and customers traceable and transparent at all times


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Your benefits


of all communication relating to a project using unique and consecutive letter numbers generated automatically


through personal dashboards and informative document status reports

schedule control

by means of a comprehensive project calendar, action list, and automatic deadline management

A central

for all communication thanks to complete Outlook integration

time savings

through the use of templates in document creation

Trouble-free transfer
of large files

by eliminating attachments

Certified in accordance with the highest European standards

Data protection and data security are top priorities for Fabasoft. As a European company, Fabasoft complies with the most stringent data protection laws. Fabasoft is certified and audited according to all relevant standards of safety and reliability.

Your data is securely protected.


Data storage in Europe, according to your choice either in Germany, Austria or Switzerland


With Fabasoft Correspondence Management you are EU-GDPR-compliant

Deployment Options

Hosting either on-premises, as a hybrid, hosted Cloud or Cloud service

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