Communicating with my contacts - easy, traceable and EU-GDPR-compliant

Contact Management

Organizations often manage their contacts in different places. Even if there is a central system, access to individual information on a contact is usually not regulated in accordance with EU-GDPR. This also concerns the traceability of data exports.

With Fabasoft Contact Management, organizations can centrally manage all contacts in the Fabasoft Cloud. Individual persons or even roles are granted access to highly different data of a contact. Any communication with contacts is archived automatically, seamlessly and in an audit-proof way. The direct integration of tools such as Skype or Outlook makes it easy to communicate with your contacts. In Fabasoft Contact Management, you can categorize your contacts via so-called "Contact Rooms" which are automatically synchronized with your smartphone. It only takes a single click to call a contact or write an email.

With Fabasoft Contact Management in the Fabasoft Cloud, all participants have access to a central system
Screenshot Contact Management

Benefits of Fabasoft Contact Management

  • Central solution for the management of all contacts of a (decentralized) organization
  • Managing address lists for communication or marketing activities
  • Defining access rights to personal data via "Contact Rooms" in compliance with EU-GDPR
  • Traceability of communication with contacts
  • Easy synchronization and use of contacts together with their Contact Rooms on mobile devices

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