Overview - Scrum


With Fabasoft Scrum, you can coordinate your software projects according to the motto agile, easy and centralised.

A dashboard as well as reports on scrum-specific key figures such as burndown, velocity or defect rate give you the overview you need for multi-project management in an enterprise environment.

Screenshot dashboard

Quick overview

Your scrum teams always have an overview of their backlogs, sprints, stories, tasks, impediments and defects. Working with the web browser client is very intuitive, making your introduction into the world of agile software development much easier. Each team member has his or her personal dashboard containing all relevant information.

Find quickly, don’t search long

Thanks to the full-text search capabilities of Mindbreeze, your stories, defects, tasks and any further information are found quickly. The search is not limited to meta data, but also extends to the content of documents or annotations.

Screenshot capacity planning

Increasing efficiency by good detailed planning

The integrated capacity planning functions as well as the possibilities for tracking already effected as well as still open time and effort form the basis of an efficient implementation of scrum teams as well as monitoring progress. Values entered on the level of a task are aggregated and can be viewed cumulatively, for example on the level of a story or a sprint.

Including external stakeholders

The administration of the rights for the different scrum roles is very straightforward, making it easy to create scrum teams and include internal as well as external stakeholders into the project.

Screenshot stakeholder


Centralised management of agile software development projects

Integration of Subversion

Dashboards and reporting

through advanced possibilities for queries and reports

Integrated document management and digital asset management for product designs and documentation

Capacity planning and tracking of time and effort

Mobile, decentralised and parallel access to allow for distributed development teams

Including external stakeholders


Fabasoft Private Cloud

Keeping your data at your own site with seamlessly integrated hardware and software


The Enterprise Search Appliance for a 360-degree-view on all structured and unstructured information from all company sources

Fabasoft Cloud

Digital transformation of your business processes – boundless collaboration with customers and partners

Technical data

Standard interfaces for the integration of applications

WebDAV, CalDAV, CMIS, web services (SOAP, JSON/REST)

Standard interfaces for authentication

Client certificates, Active Directory, digital IDs

Two factor authentication

by text message, email PIN or Radius

Integration of Subversion


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