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In this webinar, our product experts, Andreas Dangl and Matthias Kraus, use a real-life example to demonstrate how to digitalize the creation, editing, review, and publication processes for your technical documentation and take them to a whole new level.

This webinar presents:

  • Answers to the questions:
    • What is meant by structured content?
    • What are the advantages of this type of content creation compared with programs like Microsoft Word?
  • A live demonstration of Xtechwriter’s most important functionalities:
    • Defining uniform style sheets
    • Repurposing content in different documents
    • Starting review and approval processes for individual chapters
    • Publishing as a complete documentation set
    • Working in the web-based XML editing system with Xeditor
    • Integrating text modules and fields
  • A Q&A session where our two experts answer all emerging questions


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