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Using digital signatures, you can sign documents without leaving the system you’re working in, and handle business processes like closing deals and transactions more efficiently. Time-consuming manual tasks such as printing, signing, scanning, and sending documents are now a thing of the past.

In this webinar, Andreas Dangl, Business Unit Executive at Fabasoft, demonstrates how to sign applications, orders, inspection reports, and contracts digitally right in the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud with just a few clicks.


This webinar presents:

  • The advantages of digital signatures in the cloud
  • Use cases for digital signatures 
  • A live demo of how documents are signed digitally (both on a desktop and on a mobile device)
  • How to integrate external organizations and individuals who don’t have a cloud account into the workflow activities
  • Tips and tricks for creating visual signatures
  • A Q&A session where our expert Andreas Dangl answers all your questions about digital signatures


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