Fabasoft Contracts, supports the "Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH" (RTR) in the secure administration and archiving of their contracts.

Creating contracts was a time-consuming and costly task for RTR. Countless e-mails were sent back and forth, across departmental and company boundaries. Thus, contracts and related documents were available as copies on several systems, access rights were not clearly defined, and it lacked on traceability. As soon as the contract became valid, rights and deadlines had to be met on all sides of the contract parties and rights had to be claimed. Without a clear structure and defined processes, managing contracts has become a major challenge.  

Efficient, transparent, legally correct and standardized support for administrative procedures in connection with the regulation of telecommunications services, radio, audiovisual media and postal services plays a major role at RTR - and with it the management of contracts.

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