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The Fabasoft Cloud lets you digitise your internal and external business processes, the know-how of your employees as well as your documents in agile cooperation with your partners and customers.

This ensures that your know-how is used effectively within your company and on mobile devices while it remains protected.

Screenshot Teamrooms

Flexible and proven DMS

Enter, process and store all of your documents, manage your digital workflows and automated business processes flexibly – on any platform, in 22 languages and 100% accessible. Collaborating with your business partners and colleagues as well as sharing documents with them takes place in the “Teamrooms”. These are online working areas fulfilling the highest security requirements.

Data centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The Fabasoft Cloud is based on a European system of values for the security of data, access and legal issues as well as for certified standards of quality. Fabasoft’s three data centres are the basis of a worldwide cooperation with your business partners, offering you both security as well as the choice on where your data is stored.

Certified security

Independent external as well as internal security analyses and audits of business processes as well as technical, physical and organisational security measures considerably contribute to the security of your data.

Ready for use

The Fabasoft Cloud can be set up quickly without the need of any additional programming effort, and integrates seamlessly with your daily routines.

Screenshot Access rights

Central administration of rights

Define your members for each online work-space (“Teamroom“) and centrally manage all user and access rights.

Individual corporate branding

Implement your corporate identity (company logo) into the Fabasoft Cloud.

Screenshot Versioning

Full traceability

With the help of the Time travel function (continuous versioning) you can account for the status of any document at any time in the past. In addition, release versions (e.g. for terms and conditions) are available.

Auditing fit for inspection

With the Auditing function, you log any access to data in the Fabasoft Cloud.


Areas of use

Protection of know-how

Maximum security access to your documents including fully-fledged digital asset management – ready to use and available for all end devices.

Board communication

Preparing and post-processing of board meetings as well as assessing and signing of highly sensitive business documents.

Management of business processes

Managing the entire digital workflows and automated business processes – on any platform and flexible in its configuration.

Case handling

Individual solutions for your business to ensure success – from agile workflows to Enterprise Content Management (ECM), compliance and information governance.

Sales management

Sales representatives always have access to up-to-date sales documents and product information. The Fabasoft Cloud can easily be connected with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, synchronise customer information and facilitate the collaboration with external agencies.



The encryption application for the encryption of sensitive corporate documents

Fabasoft Personnel File

Digital, centralised and uniform processing and management of personnel files for all branch offices and subsidiaries

Technical data

Standard interfaces for the integration of applications

WebDAV, CalDAV, CMIS, Web Services (SOAP, JSON/REST)

Standard interfaces for authentication

Client certificates, Active Directory, digital IDs

Secure login via two factor authentication

Via text message PIN, e-mail PIN, security token (software or hardware token) via Radius or, digital ID (German Personalausweis, Austrian Bürgerkarte or SuisseID).

Free testing

Get to know the manifold functions of the Fabasoft Cloud free of charge and with no obligations for 14 days:

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