Benefits of Fabasoft Secomo

Traceable encryption of valuable company documents

Fabasoft Secomo is an encryption architecture with genuine end-to-end encryption, offering continuous protection for your organisation’s important data. The data is encrypted early on at the workplace or the mobile end device, instead of being encrypted at a later point in the Cloud. The keys remain exclusively with the customers, who are the only ones having access to their respective keys. In the case of sabotage, the integrated hardware security module (HSM) automatically deletes the attacked key by way of zeroisation.

Easy management and comprehensive monitoring

Fabasoft Secomo is easy to operate and offers a dedicated management user interface, giving administrators full control over the appliance. The integrated software “Fabasoft app.telemetry“ allows you to monitor the individual system components as well as the performance and availability of Fabasoft Secomo.


No access to the system for the Cloud service provider – only the customer has access

Fabasoft’s motto “Continuous protection through encryption” means that nobody but you has access to your Fabasoft Secomo installation and its settings. Fabasoft neither has any (service) interfaces with your appliance nor your keys. Consequently, you are responsible for the safekeeping of your keys, preferably in a safe. Fabasoft cannot assist you in the case of loss.

Secomo dashboard

Highly available architecture (cluster of two servers)

Fabasoft Secomo is an appliance consisting of the Fabasoft Secomo software and two highly available servers in a cluster. The servers’ hardware security modules meet the requirements of FIPS 140-2 Level-4 certification for physical security. If one server fails, continuous operation is ensured by the second server, as the servers are installed in different fire zones. This ensures a high level of availability.


Secomo Appliances

Genuine end-to-end encryption

Fabasoft Secomo is a security architecture with genuine end-to-end encryption with a key length of 4096 bit. This means that the data is already encrypted at the workplace or the mobile end device, instead of being encrypted at a later point in the Cloud. Continuous encryption between the sender and the receiver is thereby ensured.

Secomo Verschlüsselung

Security at the highest level

Security analysis carried out by the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications of the Graz University of Technology

Cryptography libraries by IAIK-SIC (Stiftung Secure Information and Communication Technologies

Logo IAIK TU Graz

Fabasoft Secomo as a Service

Customers of the Fabasoft Cloud Edition Enterprise can use Fabasoft Secomo as a Service. The keys are managed by a Fabasoft Secomo appliance located in one of the highly secure Fabasoft data centres. Companies with their own data centre can immediately start the Fabasoft Secomo Encryption Appliance themselves. The system is fail-safe, offers a wide range of authentication options and is protected by hardware security modules, which can be deleted by unauthorized access.


Secure authentication by client certificates

Fabasoft Secomo supports authentication by client certificates. The customer is the only one deciding who will be granted access to the security appliance, and who will be authorised to work on encrypted documents. The Fabasoft Public Cloud as well as the Fabasoft Private Cloud offer an additional security measure by ensuring that encryption is only possible if login to the Cloud has been effected by way of a two factor authentication.

Instantly ready for operation and easy to use

Fabasoft Secomo is an encryption appliance composed of preconfigured and seamlessly integrated hardware and software components. The steps required to install, configure and bring the appliance into service are highly automated and easy to follow. Your internal staff will thus be in a position to quickly put the appliance into operation (Customer Managed). It is equally possible to have Fabasoft carry out operations (Fully Managed, excluding key administration for the HSM). Working securely across different locations and countries is easy with the elegant and intuitive user interfaces of the Fabasoft Public Cloud, the Fabasoft Private Cloud as well as the Fabasoft eGov Suite (as of 2017).


Document authenticity through digital signatures

Documents are encrypted according to state-of-the-art methods, and digitally signed. Encryption combines an asymmetric encryption (RSA-4096) with a symmetric encryption (AES-256). In addition, a digital signature (SHA-512, RSA-4096) is attached to the documents to allow for the traceability of the encrypted documents’ authenticity.

Made in Europe

Fabasoft is a European software company developing its products by itself and hosting its infrastructure independently. We are only using selected servers for our appliances. The firmware of Fabasoft Secomo’s HSM has been developed in Germany and is installed by Fabasoft. Operating systems, database systems as well as base components only use open source solutions.