Areas of Use of the Fabasoft Private Cloud

In the graphical BPMN 2.0 editor of the Fabasoft Private Cloud, business processes can be created quickly and without the need of any programming skills. This is based on the organisational structure – the hierarchical system of an organisation which can for example be imported from an ERP system. If document categories are defined by classes, processes can also be started automatically. In this way the Fabasoft Private Cloud can be used across departments for different use cases.


Including external persons into your extended digital organisation and synchronising, sharing and concurrently editing documents in a safe, agile and traceable manner.


Business process management

Boundless digital records management with automated business processes – on any platform, flexible and easily configurable with a graphical BPMN 2.0 editor.


Compliance management

Full traceability and uncompromising compliance with guidelines through continuous versioning of documents and tamper-proof archiving certified according to IDW PS 880.


Supplier management

Optimising the procurement of goods and services with suppliers of any size as well as managing further supplier processes across the boundaries of your own organisation, for example complaint handling, annual price negotiations, updates on product specifications or the management of development projects.



Accessing important company data on any end device quickly and in a mobile and encrypted manner, knowing where your data is stored, and concurrently working on documents with business partners, suppliers and customers.


Tamper-proof archiving

Tamper-proof and GoBD-compliant archiving of documents, in particular of invoices and personnel documents, making the electronic format equivalent to an original record on paper.


Sales management

Sales representatives always have access to up-to-date sales documents and product information. The Fabasoft Cloud can easily be connected with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, synchronise customer information and facilitate the collaboration with external agencies.


Protection of know-how

Maximum security access to your documents including fully-fledged digital asset management – ready to use and available for all end devices.


Board communication

Preparing and post-processing of board meetings as well as assessing and signing of highly sensitive business documents.


Case handling

Individual solutions for your business to ensure success – from agile workflows to Enterprise Content Management (ECM), compliance and information governance.