Tips & Tricks for the Fabasoft eGov-Suite

Tips & Tricks Vol. 17

Printer driver

The Fabasoft printer driver is a known functionality used in a variety of application areas of the Fabasoft eGov-Suite integration. A large number of applications developed over time have now been consolidated into an app in Fabasoft eGov-Suite – the simplified printer driver. Learn more about these applications in this video.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 16

Mindbreeze quick search

Aside from the detailed search there is also a quick search function in Fabasoft eGov-Suite. This Add-On-Product to the eGov-Suite allows you a simple search interface with extended options.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 15

Extended column settings

Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2013 provides you with extended column settings. This makes the customisation of individual columns and their configuration significantly easier. This video shows you how the extended column settings work.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 14


This video shows you a new usability improvement in Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2013.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 13

Event Notification

Do you want to be actively informed when other users have edited certain business objects or have added new business objects to structures? With the function “Interest” Fabasoft eGov-Suite offers the possibility to be notified about events in objects – either via the portal page “News” or directly by email. We show you two such use cases in the following video.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 12

E-mail Notifications

E-mail notifications in Fabasoft eGov-Suite offer the users the opportunity to be informed of new activities in their workflow by e-mail. Furthermore, these activities can then be opened and completed via the link contained in the notification without needing to open Fabasoft eGov-Suite separately. In the following sequences we show you how to activate email notifications, what possibilities you have and what the notifications look like.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 11

CSV-Import of Adressee Lists

Fabasoft eGov-Suite offers many different possibilities for the capture of addressees. In addition to individually creating addressees manually in the system you can import multiple addressees to a business case in one step. This edition of tips & tricks will show you how this works.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 10


Where substitution is necessary, Fabasoft eGov-Suite offers the corresponding functions. The following video will show you how to configure a substitution and how to represent somebody.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 9

Efficient Handling of Long Lists

In this tips & tricks video we will show you how you can best handle long lists in Fabasoft eGov-Suite so as not to overlook important documents.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 8

Agreement Letter

If a document with the same content needs to be added to multiple business cases, Fabasoft eGov-Suite offers the functionality of an agreement letter. This can be applied to the changing of regulations, for example.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 7

Synchronizing Folders

The Fabasoft eGov-suite offers the possibility to edit offline documents and files. This is done via a synchronization of folders and objects in the local file system. Vol. 7 of tips & tricks shows how this can be done.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 6


Traceability and transparency form an essential pillar of modern e-governments. Fabasoft eGov-Suite places a high degree of importance on supporting this. In Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2012 a new functionality now enables the individual working steps of respective users to be clearly displayed in a structured way with just one click.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 5

Filter Function in Lists

Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2012 offers significant improvements in the area of usability, which can accelerate processes and thereby considerably increase the efficiency of case handling. Tipps n Tricks Vol. 5 demonstrates how you can use filter functions to quickly and easily filter objects according to criteria and properties.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 4

Keyboard Operation

Fabasoft eGov-Suite can be operated via the keyboard using key combinations and the arrow keys. How this works shows Vol. 4 of our tips & tricks.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 3

Mobile Use

Vol. 3 of our tips & tricks shows examples for using Fabasoft eGov-Suite with the iPad or iPad2 browser, focusing on the workflow.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 2

Personalization of the user interface

The standard Fabasoft eGov-Suite interface is arrangesd for a specific role and the relevant tasks that go with that role. However, this arrangement is not personalized. Vol. 2 of our tips & tricks shows how to customize Fabasoft eGov-Suite interface to individual needs.

Tips & Tricks Vol. 1

Drag & Drop

You can easily move, import or export objects in Fabasoft eGov-Suite by using drag & drop.