Compliance Management

Full traceability and regulatory compliance

Compliance Management Systems (CMS) are used to ensure that all measures and processes implemented by an organisation are compliant with regulations. In view of digitisation, many businesses increasingly turn away from well-established internal processes. Organisations are enlarged digitally, external parties become part of the “digital company”, and records are managed across existing boundaries. In order to meet compliance guidelines and ensure traceability, modern software solutions are required.

A European Business Cloud solution automatically meets the measures that have been defined in order to adhere to compliance rules. Organisations can define standards and guidelines for their employees and partners. By using the Cloud, they are automatically observed in a traceable and secured manner to minimise the risk of infringing compliance guidelines. It is also important that a system can be adapted easily and flexibly. 

Organisations using the Fabasoft Cloud can safely store their data and documents in so-called “Teamrooms”. These are protected project areas where collaboration with internal employees and external partners is safe and traceable. Authorised users can manage records across the boundaries of organisations, IT infrastructure or countries. The “Time travel” function ensures full document versioning as well as automatic and tamper-proof archiving. It therefore plays an important role in adhering to compliance rules. Amongst others, the Fabasoft Cloud is certified as a tamper-proof archive according to IDW PS 880.

Benefits of the Fabasoft Cloud

  • Highest level of certified security and compliance
  • European software fulfilling European data protection regulations
  • Data storage in local data centres
  • Tamper-proof archiving of documents
  • Transparent and central administration of rights
  • Seamless versioning with the “Time travel” function
  • Full control of data through remote wipe
  • Genuine end-to-end encryption via Fabasoft Secomo
  • Business process management with all authorised persons
  • Easy coupling with on-premise databases
  • No one-off costs – strictly “pay-per-use”

Certified Quality

Trust in Experience


„The Fabasoft Cloud allows us to accelerate the sharing of information with our partners, ensure transparency and be more efficient.“

Martin Diemt
Head of Administration and Documentation,
Industrial Power Plant Solutions Vienna

Fabasoft products for compliance management

Fabasoft Cloud

Digital transformation of your business processes – boundless collaboration with customers and partner


Fabasoft Private Cloud

Enterprise File Sync & Share Appliance for the secure mobility of your company data - at your own data centre or managed by Fabasoft


Fabasoft Secomo

Encryption Appliance with genuine end-to-end encryption - decryption takes place on the end device


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