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Customers from various industries - ranging from SMEs to global players - rely on the agile and scalable Fabasoft Business Process Cloud and are enthusiastic about our solutions.  We help you to realize your goals and successfully implement digitization. Convince yourself and learn more about best practice cases in the areas of contract management, management of business processes or board communication.

Siemens Gas and Power GmbH & Co. KG

“Coordination and approval processes with our external partners, such as suppliers and end customers, were significantly accelerated. The integration into the Siemens infrastructure, especially SAP Plant PDM, was rapidly achieved.”

Harald Hümmer

Head of System Quality


Siemens has been using the Fabasoft Cloud worldwide for its power plant projects to give mobile access to its product and project documentation.

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„With Fabasoft Approve, we can process complex special documentation in a transparent, effective, and user-friendly way. Complicated review and approval procedures are handled securely, reliably, and traceably on a single platform.“

Christian Strobl

Operative Purchasing Pumps & Systems Pegnitz


KSB uses Fabasoft Approve as a global platform for suppliers and customers.

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Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH

"By choosing Fabasoft Approve we have discovered a state-of-the-art and highly customizable platform for exchanging technical documents with our customers, suppliers, and internal users − easy to use, clearly arranged, and equipped with all of the features that are relevant for us, such as a direct SAP connection and an automated read confirmation."

Mag. Erika Buchendorfer

Senior IT Architect


Primetals Technologies uses Fabasoft Approve for secure and easy collaboration with external partners. 


GF Casting Solutions

“With the launch of the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud and the roll-out of GF Tool Manager, our organization can now work more easily, quickly, and securely with all suppliers.”

Alois Edtbauer, MSc

Buyer Sourcing Group Capex and Tooling


GF Casting Solutions relies on the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud to facilitate structured cooperation with suppliers for the lifecycle management of die-casting tools.

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„When Fabasoft Contracts was first introduced to us, it was immediately clear that we had found the right solution − ease of use, immediate availability, and the exact features we need for our processes.“

Andreas Obermüller



Schachermayer uses Fabasoft Contracts throughout the company to efficiently manage IT contracts.

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VIA Rail Canada

VIA Rail Canada

“By using Fabasoft Approve, we have optimized the review and approval processes for technical and contractual documents with our supplier Siemens Mobility. The synergy effects have taken project management at VIA Rail to a new level.”

Arnaud Lacaze

Project Director


VIA Rail operates Canada’s national passenger rail service on behalf of the Canadian government. With over 3,000 employees and a network covering 12,500 km, VIA Rail transports more than five million passengers every year.

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Siemens Energy AG

“Fabasoft Approve, our cross-plant quality management software, affords us the transparency to make the right decisions and proactively avoid potential errors in the future.”

Stefan Klaassen
Vice President for Power Transformers


Siemens Transformers utilizes Fabasoft Approve as its cross-plant CAQ system in all of its 14 locations to make data-based predictions of the product- and process-related quality of its transformers. 

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Schwarzmüller Gruppe

“I don’t often come across projects – especially in the IT field – that are completed on budget and on time. Fabasoft delivered perfectly in that regard and even implemented modified requirements at short notice throughout the course of the project.”

Johann Kropf, BA

Head of IT


The Schwarzmüller Group has been using the Fabasoft products for resilient supply chain management as well as for secure board communication.

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willhaben internet service GmbH & Co KG

„We focused on finding a contract management software providing the ideal support for our everyday workflows. Fabasoft Contracts stands out thanks to its intuitive operation, making it that much easier to onboard new stakeholders.”

Luna Masuch
Data protection officer at willhaben


Willhaben uses Fabasoft Contracts for automated processes and for the digital signature capabilities for its enterprise-wide contract management. 

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Österreichische Post AG

“The Fabasoft Cloud achieves savings of 70 percent in the time it takes to develop a solution or an app for digital document management as compared to other tools.”

Helmut Dobrovits

Consultant, Mail Solutions, Österreichische Post AG


Based on the Fabasoft Cloud, Österreichische Post AG is offering mail room services to its customers.

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Österreichische Volksbanken AG

“Thanks to the Fabasoft Cloud, the time-consuming process of assembling and transporting paperwork now belongs to the past. In combination with the Cloud, tablets and smartphones have become efficient business tools.”

KR Mag. Gerald Wenzel



Österreichische Volksbanken AG has implemented the Fabasoft Cloud to make meeting documentation available to the management. On their iPads, the management board always and everywhere has secure access to all documents.

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ÖBB-Holding AG

“With its Digital Asset Management in the Fabasoft Cloud, Fabasoft is offering a user-friendly, safe and highly performant solution.”

Dijana Zdjelar

Corporate Communications Digital & Brand Communication


At ÖBB-Holding AG, the Fabasoft Cloud is now used for the central administration of digital assets and easy collaboration with external partners in the Cloud.

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Deutsche Wohnen SE

“The Collaboration solution of the Fabasoft Cloud replaces the sending of attachments by email, which was unstructured and not traceable.”

Olga Hamel

Specialist IT-Governance & IT-PMO


At Deutsche Wohnen SE, the Fabasoft Cloud is used for sharing documents with external persons in the Cloud with structure, security and traceability

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SPAR Austria

“The EU-GDPR toolbox allows us to meet the requirements of GDPR easily and on low costs at more than 100 locations in nine countries – with traceability and sustainability.”

Christian Hofbauer

Team manager „Enterprise collaboration“


SPAR Austria works with the Fabasoft EU-GDPR toolbox.

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Deutsches Rotes Kreuz

“The advantages are huge: We are saving paper, everybody has access to up-to-date documents at any place and any time.”

Michael Steindorfner

President DRK - Kreisverband Böblingen e.V.


With the Fabasoft Cloud, all volunteers and professional staff of the DRK-at the site of an operation.

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HolidayCheck AG

“Fabasoft Contracts makes drafting and managing contracts across the Group significantly easier and saves us time every day. The cloud-based product was up and running at all Group locations within a very short time."

Eliska Holl

Group Specialist Contract Management and Purchase Processes


HolidayCheck uses Fabasoft Contracts throughout the group to create and manage contracts.

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Gynial GmbH

“Secure access to documents, everywhere and any time - we think that’s gynial.”

Mag. Dietmar Wessely-Maad



Sales representatives use their tablets to give product presentations directly from within the Fabasoft Cloud.

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APK Vorsorgekasse AG

„We have digitized the processes of our internal administration with the Fabasoft Cloud across the boundaries of our locations and are now saving more than half of the time required for processing.“

Claudia Erlinger, B.A.

Head of the Administration Department and IT


APK has achieved more than 50 percent of time savings in internal administration using the Fabasoft Cloud.

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Schönherr Rechtsanwälte GmbH

“The Fabasoft Cloud allows us to instantly create a data room and share data on the internet with the highest security.”

Kevin Beboso

Support engineer


Schönherr has implemented the Fabasoft Cloud as an alternative to Dropbox, ensuring secure communication between lawyers and their clients.

ELRA-Antriebstechnik Vertriebs Ges.m.b.H.

“The Fabasoft Cloud allows us to take process management to a new level with regard to automation, traceability and digitization.”

Rudolf Wolf

Head of Production


At ELRA, the Fabasoft Cloud is currently used for the automatic, seamless and digital documentation of processes and for complaint management.

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Hillside IT Consulting Group

“I can access the most important data any time and any place. That’s priceless.”

Klaus Jaritz



The Fabasoft Cloud is in place as an internal document management system as well as a mobile server solution.

Hunkeler AG

“I have been testing more than ten Cloud tools. The Fabasoft Cloud, with its orientation towards B2B, is a great, powerful, reliable and safe tool - and easy to use. Kudos!”

Heinz Schaffner

Head of Multimedia


Hunkeler has been using the Fabasoft Cloud since June 2012 for product presentations and for providing sales documentation.

next id

“The combination of a tool for modeling processes according to the BPMN 2.0 standard and the possibility to integrate all employees into our processes – across our locations and on an equal basis – is what has convinced us.”

Dirk Feldhoff

Process & Project Manager


At next id, the Fabasoft Cloud is now used for parts of order processing in pre-sales and for produc-tion management.

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Logo RTR-GmbH


“Fabasoft Contracts is making our workflows for contract handling much easier and offers the highest levels of data protection and process security.”

Florian Klicka

Legal department


The Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR-GmbH) uses the contract management in the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud for the highest levels of data protection and process security.

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Conquest advertising agency

“By using the Fabasoft Cloud, the collaboration between our team and our customers and external partners has considerably gained in terms of security, efficiency, traceability and quality.“

Klaus Lindinger

Managing Director


Conquest advertising agency uses the Fabasoft Cloud for secure data exchange with customers and external partners.

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Fraunhofer FOKUS

The EU-SEC project is using the Fabasoft Cloud to support the tasks of collaboration, planning, communication and document management and to manage access rights across the entire project. The Fabasoft Cloud is a BSI-certified security system (level 5) for document archiving and user management.

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Treibacher Industrie AG

“The Fabasoft Cloud? Secure communication with external partners. Easy collaboration on documents. A maximum of user friendliness. And our data is safely stored in my country.”

Sabrina Daniel

Central information technology


Treibacher uses the Fabasoft Cloud for secure, easy and agile collaboration with external partners. 

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Staufen.Digital Neonex GmbH

„Fabasoft Approve satisfies the highest expectations for convenience, intuitive operation, and state-of-the-art architecture. In conjunction with agile project implementation, finding the ideal solution provider for our client KSB was pivotal for realizing the redefined ‘Digital Supplier Documentation’ target process.“

Jana Kopp



STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX is a subsidiary of STAUFEN.AG, facilitating digital transformation in the industrial value chain. In domestic and international projects for medium-sized companies and corporations, the focus lies on boosting competitiveness by tapping into the potential of smart factories.

Kwizda Agro GmbH

“We were impressed by Fabasoft Approve’s flexibility in terms of customizing. Thanks to the central data environment, all the partners are integrated into the communication processes in good time, which saves us a great deal of resources in label management.”

Dipl.-Ing. Chris Muri
Manager of Quality Management and Compliance


Kwizda Agro uses Fabasoft Approve as a common data environment for efficient work processes and more planning security. 

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