Features of the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud

The Fabasoft Business Process Cloud delivers a powerful suite of features for document management and digital, cross-organizational business processes. As a no-code/low-code platform, it also offers perfect customization options for "citizen developers".


Online collaboration and digital business processes

  • Cooperation via Teamrooms
  • Automated workflow management
  • Structured task execution
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Access protection, compliance, and traceability

  • Central user management and cleverly conceived rights management
  • Revision-secure auditing
  • Time Travel feature for full traceability
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Maximum ease of use and smart document processing

  • Table editing directly in the user interface
  • Instant PDF preview and annotations
  • Digital signatures
  • Links instead of attachments
  • Synchronizes with the local file system
  • Semantic full text search
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Customizable platform

  • Form editor for custom metadata
  • Integrated template management and central text module collections
  • Tailored corporate branding
  • View settings
  • Search forms
  • Highly scalable
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Data security & data protection

  • Secure authentication
  • Secure mobile access
  • Data storage in Europe
  • Certified security
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Integration & interfaces

  • Full Microsoft Office integration
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • SAP integration
  • Standard interfaces
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Online collaboration and digital business processes

Cooperation via Teamrooms

Collaborating and document sharing with your business partners happens in high-security online workspaces (Teamrooms). Via the Teamroom, you define the members of the team and, consequently, their access rights. Using folders, you can structure the Teamroom further and organize documents accordingly. Documents are opened, edited, and resaved directly from and to third-party products (such as Microsoft Office) from the web client. Users can tailor the display of the documents in the web client to suit their individual needs. The focus is placed either on the preview of the content or the metadata of the documents in a list view.

Automated workflow management

Workflows in the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud are automated and traceable at any time. A graphical BPMN 2.0 editor is included to help you create your own customized processes – tailored to your company. With this tool, even users without programming experience can model business processes. The ad-hoc process feature lets you invite internal and external parties to be involved flexibly in process steps such as “Review”, “Release”, and “Approve”. As a result, documents are fully digitally managed across company boundaries without any interruption in process flow or media.

Structured task execution

All users involved in a process will find their pending tasks in their personal worklist in the web-based user interface. In addition, they will be notified by e-mail about any new incoming tasks. These tasks can be executed in a well structured way using a PC, tablet, or smartphone. A graphical process overview is provided so that all parties involved in an ongoing process can track its current status.

Access protection, compliance, and traceability

Central user management and cleverly conceived rights management

The authorization concept is based on the organizational structure – the hierarchical framework of the organization – which can be imported from an ERP system, for example. The cloud organization is thus a model that depicts your organization. Your administrator is in charge of this cloud organization and manages the user accounts. Role-specific access rights clearly regulate who may view, edit, or create specific types of content. The system differentiates between users with read-only access, those with editing rights, and users with all rights. External members or organizations receive an e-mail invitation from the Teamroom to become a member and work together there.

Revision-secure auditing

The “auditing” function logs each access to objects. It not only displays any changes made to the properties, it also indicates when a document was viewed and by whom. Users also have the option of applying dynamic watermarks to documents automatically. The “Enterprise” edition of Fabasoft Business Process Cloud provides revision-secure and GAAP-compliant document storage, specifically including invoices and ID documents, making them equivalent to hard-copy originals in their electronic form.

Time Travel feature for full traceability

The “Time Travel” feature allows you to view documents, metadata, and even entire projects at specific points in time in the past. This makes changes traceable and allows you to restore older versions when needed. Seamless document versioning and automatic tamper-proof archiving make a major contribution to fulfilling the requirements of the compliance management system.

Maximum ease of use and smart document processing

Table editing directly in the user interface

For simultaneous editing of multiple objects or when working with metadata, the “Table Handling” feature can be enabled in the detail view. The solution supports all the functions that users are familiar with from conventional spreadsheet programs, including sorting, grouping, filtering, freezing, calculating, moving columns with drag and drop, and even using shortcuts.

PDF annotations

Documents can be annotated in the web browser directly in the preview view. This can be done for all document types that support a PDF preview (including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and so forth), while the original document remains unchanged. You can specify whether you want to make comments that are viewable by everyone or personal annotations that only you can see.

Digital signatures

Using digital signatures in the Fabasoft Business Process Cloud, you can design and implement binding business processes more efficiently with seamless media continuity.

Links instead of attachments

In place of attachments, users use hyperlinks to objects in the cloud when sending objects via the context menu from Fabasoft Business Process Cloud. As an alternative, e-mail attachments can be converted into Fabasoft Cloud links directly in Microsoft Outlook and then sent from there.

Public links Public links allow people to read and download documents even if they don’t have a cloud account. Users can also set a time limit on the validity of public links. Access statistics ensure traceability.

Ready to use right out of the box

Just a few clicks is all it takes to set up Fabasoft Business Process Cloud and get it up and running: Set up the organization, add members, grant access permissions, and store documents in a clearly structured way.

Barrier-free and ultra user-friendly

The user interface, currently available in 22 languages, features maximum barrier-free accessibility and ease of use. This makes it possible to use assistive technology such as screen readers or magnification software virtually across the board.


Platform-independent access to Fabasoft Business Process Cloud is possible using any standard web browser. For more information about the supported platforms, visit the online user help.

Synchronizes with the local file system

The cloud folder allows you to synchronize content stored in Fabasoft Business Process Cloud with your end devices. This means that you have access to the current version of your documents anytime and anywhere, not just in the web client but also directly on your local hard drive. As a result, documents can be processed quickly in a familiar environment even without an Internet connection. As soon as Internet connection is re-established, the documents are automatically synchronized back to the cloud.

Semantic full text search

With the integrated full text search, you’ll find the information you need in a matter of seconds. The search is performed taking into account the user’s access rights – the system only displays the results that the given user is allowed to access. Using the search facets, users can further restrict the search (for instance, to Teamrooms, organizations, or file types).

Customizable platform

Form editor for custom metadata

In the graphical form editor, fields for storing application-specific data (such as metadata) can be added to existing objects with drag-and-drop. Use of these custom forms can be defined based on the roles and rights concept of the cloud organization. Fabasoft app.ducx expressions can be used to apply logic or specific behavior to the fields.

Integrated template management and central text module collections

The template management tool allows you to create template and text module collections for your company, manage templates and text modules in these collections, and then provide access to them for internal users as well as external partners. As a result, cloud administrators have control and overview of all existing and shared templates. In addition, each user can define his or her individual templates.

Tailored corporate branding

The user interface of Fabasoft Business Process Cloud can be customized for your cloud organization or for specific Teamrooms with individual logos and background settings, as well as a customizable login display to match the corporate design.

View settings

Predefined display settings can be made available to users who require special list views.

Search forms

Predefined search forms can be provided to users who need an overview of the currently available documents and data based on defined search criteria.

Highly scalable

Fabasoft Business Process Cloud is a highly flexible platform with unlimited applications and scalability on demand. With Fabasoft app.ducx and Fabasoft app.test, it provides an agile development and test environment for in-house cloud-based business applications.

Data security and data protection

Secure authentication

Authentication when logging in to Fabasoft Business Process Cloud is always performed using secure authentication methods, including two-factor authentication via SMS PIN, e-mail PIN, or a security token. This creates a protected, confidential working environment. Fabasoft Business Process Cloud also offers single sign-on using digital certificates, AD FS, or SAML 2.0, so that users can log in to the cloud without having to enter a login and password.

Secure mobile access

Work whenever and wherever you want. Secure and location-independent access to all relevant information at any time using web browsers or mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Certified security

External and internal security analyses as well as audits of the technical, physical, and organizational security measures and operating processes play a decisive role in safeguarding your data. You can find more information in the online user help.

Data storage in Europe The data is stored in fail-safe European data centers. Depending on your preference, either in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

Integration and interfaces

Standard interfaces

Fabasoft Business Process Cloud supports a host of different interfaces (SOAP, XML, REST/JSON/OpenAPI, CalDAV, CardDAV, WebDAV, CMIS, etc.) for coupling with the customer’s existing software solutions like ERP or CRM systems.

Full Microsoft Office integration

Thanks to its seamless integration with Microsoft products (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and so forth), a variety of functions can be accessed directly from within the familiar Microsoft Office environment. All companies that hold Microsoft Office 365 licenses benefit from even greater agility through real-time document editing in the browser.

Microsoft Teams & SAP integration

The platform features an extension for Microsoft Teams to make it easier for project members to share project documents from Fabasoft Business Process Cloud. All web service interfaces required for project-specific integrations are available to ensure straightforward hassle-free connection to SAP.