Areas of Use of Fabasoft app.test

Fabasoft app.test automates your user acceptance tests to either verify that your software is error free or check the main use cases of a new version.

Automated tests of software solutions

Thanks to the integration into CI systems, software solutions such as Fabasoft Cloud apps or business solutions based on the Fabasoft eGov Suite can be tested continuously.


Executing performance and load tests

Prior to upgrading to a new version, implementing new infrastructure (e.g. a change of hardware) or new base technology (e.g. a change of operating system or database), the system behaviour is evaluated on the test system with regard to different loads. By executing these tests, the load of a high number of users can be simulated.


Automated user acceptance tests

If the functions defined in the specification are created as tests in Fabasoft app.test, they can be executed repeatedly whenever a new partial delivery is tested. They can also be used for regression testing, for example in updates to new versions.


Automated smoke tests in the production environment

After configuration changes or updates of the production system, Fabasoft app.test can be used to automatically test important use cases to ensure that the update has been carried out correctly.


Automated regression tests

After updates to new versions or comprehensive changes to the configuration or infrastructure it is important to verify that the required use cases are still fully functional. Automated regression tests which are executed beforehand on the test system ensure that this is the case.