Fabasoft app.test

The use case oriented test environment for your business applications

Automatise the testing of your software solutions and applications

Performance and load tests

Fabasoft app.test enables you to simulate the load of many users on the test system and thus evaluate the system behavior before switching to new versions, infrastructure or basic technologies.


Acceptance tests (User Acceptance Tests)

Create the services defined in the specifications as a test and benefit from the possibility to execute them repeatedly even with the acceptance of partial deliveries.


Smoking tests in production environments

Fabasoft app.test enables you to automatically test individual use cases after a configuration change or update of the production system and verify their function after the update.


Regression tests

To ensure the functionality of use cases after a version update or extensive configuration or infrastructure changes, Fabasoft app.test offers you the possibility of automated regression tests on the test system in advance.

Benefit from automated quality assurance with the app.test Studio

The Fabasoft app.test Studio supports your complete test cycle: from the management of test projects, the recording and extension of tests, to the analysis of reports.


Point and Click Recording

The "Point and Click Recording" allows you to create tests quickly and easily without any previous knowledge. The actions you perform in the web browser are recorded as you click through and saved in the test. You can interrupt the recording at any time and resume it at any time.

Fabasoft app.test Player

With the player in the Fabasoft app.test Studio you can immediately "debug" executed tests and correct errors immediately. If an adjustment is necessary, you can switch directly to the recorder, refine the test and then continue playing or restart the test in the Player.

Well-structured reports

Fabasoft app.test generates both overview and detailed reports with further information such as screenshots, HTML codes or the control structure of the application. The detailed test results are delivered in XML format and transformed into HTML reports. A transformation into JUnit reports can also be used to process the test results in the CI.

Boost the quality of your software solution with Fabasoft app.test

Internationalization of tests

In order to avoid redundant acceptance tests due to a multilingual environment, Fabasoft app.test offers you translation files with multilingual character strings. When recording tests, the texts of the Web application are examined and the statements are recorded language-independently. This allows the tests to be replayed in all available languages.


Multi-Browser Support

Fabasoft app.test supported: Microsoft Internet Explorer (Microsoft Windows), Mozilla Firefox (Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Ubuntu), Google Chrome (Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X), Apple Safari (Apple OS X)


Integration into your Continuous Integration environment

The Fabasoft app.test Console Player enables you to integrate automated acceptance tests into your build cycle. It distributes automated tests to your test clients on your CI-Management-Server, controlled by Apache Ant tasks or batch scripts. With the app.test Commander, you can also include steps in your tests that prepare the test environment on the client. Finally, the app.test Console Player collects all test client results and makes them available centrally on the management server for reporting. In this way Fabasoft app.test integrates seamlessly into your CI and contributes significantly to the quality of your software solution.

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