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Upper Austria Economic Chamber

"With app.telemetry, we always have an eye on the status of our system landscape and can proactively react to system failures, bottlenecks or performance problems of individual services. Thanks to the simplified analysis of system processes we can continually optimise our software solution."

Ing. Mag. Franz F. Folkendt

Head of IT



The Upper Austria Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Oberösterreich) uses Fabasoft app.telemetry for system monitoring and analysis.


"Fabasoft app.telemetry gives us efficient access to all relevant information. The operational requirements were implemented application-oriented."

Johann Siegl

Leiter des ELAK Competence Center



In the Bundesrechenzentrum Fabasoft app.telemetry is used for application performance management and end-user experience monitoring of the ELAK im Bund (Federal Electronic File Management).