Benefits of Fabasoft app.ducx

Composite content applications

Fabasoft app.ducx is a use case based development environment for your composite content applications based on the products Fabasoft Cloud, Fabasoft Folio and Fabasoft eGov-Suite. The domain-specific languages of Fabasoft app.ducx are a powerful basis and supporting tool for the fast and cost-efficient development of document-based composite content applications.

Fully functional customer solutions are easy to achieve with Fabasoft app.ducx, which puts its emphasis on the user and on tested business modules. Projects are therefore less complex, and long periods of development without any direct customer feedback can be avoided. This approach reduces the overall project risk and increases the satisfaction of customers who are included in the implementation right from the beginning.

You will be surprised how easy it is to develop scalable and highly available enterprise solutions meeting your requirements.

Languages for various aspects of the solution

Domain-specific languages (DLS) ensure readable and focussed solution descriptions that are strictly to the point: compact code, simple maintenance, checks during compilation and ease of learning - those are the characteristics the seven domain languages have in common. The solution languages cover all areas of digitised solutions: object model, use case and business process implementation, user interface and forms as well as customisation points and resources can be described efficiently.

They are supplemented by a typified programming language optimised for efficient execution, allowing for the ideal use of Fabasoft Folio’s technology. The language is close to concepts known from JavaScript, C# and Java, and is easy to learn. The comprehensive integration of the programming languages into Eclipse enables the direct use of all navigational options within the source code.

Supplementary to the programming languages, an integrated UI forms editor supports switching between the forms language and editing within the UI.

Fabasoft app.ducx screenshot

Easy localisation and adaptation of projects

The Fabasoft Cloud is available in 22 languages. Fabasoft app.ducx contains the required tools which allow for an easy translation and localisation.

At its core, Fabasoft app.ducx makes room for project-specific settings and extensions: a solution developed with Fabasoft app.ducx can use existing options for adaptations, or provide for new possibilities in the way a customer solution is implemented.

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Short compile-test cycles directly in the Cloud

With the option to load new code directly into your test Cloud or your Enterprise test system, it is easy to test new ideas. Depending on the type of code change, the project is compiled and loaded within seconds and is ready for testing. With the test Cloud, new features can be planned, implemented, tested and released in cooperation with your customer, who may have the same access as your developers. 

You can decide which application will be opened when the web browser is launched. An interactive tester allows to check the code instantly, with the results of the evaluation being presented in the Cloud system in a structured format.

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Sustained continuous delivery

Unit tests and code coverage form an integral part in the development, maintenance and enhancement of high-quality software. While unit tests that have been created with Fabasoft app.ducx can be maintained and executed, the coverage results can be displayed directly in the code editor. This allows for unit tests with better structuring. In large projects, their relevance to the source code can be evaluated.

The benefits can be maximised if the unit tests are integrated with a build/CI system: with Apache Ant tasks, recurring tasks can be automated.

Fabasoft app.ducx screenshot