Fabasoft app.ducx

The use case oriented development environment for your business applications

Benefit from compact code and fast learnability

With domain-specific languages Fabasoft app.ducx offers you a powerful basis and tool support for the fast and cost-efficient development of document-centered business applications. You benefit from readable and focused application descriptions.

The application-specific languages are supplemented by a separate typed programming language. This is based on familiar concepts from JavaScript, C# and Java and can therefore be learned quickly. The programming languages are optimally integrated into Eclipse. Known possibilities for navigation in the source code can be used directly.

As a supplement to the programming languages, an integrated UI form editor is available, which supports switching between form language and editing in the UI.

Create high quality business applications

Your unit tests created with Fabasoft app.ducx can be maintained and executed and their coverage results immediately shown in the code editor. This allows you to better structure your unit tests and evaluate their relevance to the source code in large projects.

Benefit from short compile test cycles directly in the cloud

The ability to load new code directly into a test cloud or your enterprise test system makes it easy to test new ideas. Depending on the type of change, the project is recompiled, loaded and ready to test in seconds.

The test cloud allows you to design, implement, test and release new features directly with customers, who can access them as well as the developer.

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