Overview - Personalakte


Manage your employees’ personnel files electronically, consistently and centrally.

Up-to-date, consistent and comprehensive information on all branch offices and subsidiaries guaranteed.

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Flexible file management

With the intuitive digital personnel file you quickly and easily administer personal documents as well as structured data such as information on marital status in your browser, without the need of any training. The dashboard displays all important information in a clear manner, including reports and evaluations of your master data.

Cut costs, save time

In addition to eliminating multiple data entries and the administration of multiple files, the Fabasoft Personnel File helps you to cut down costs and time associated with making file copies and transporting files. Automation of standard processes further saves recourses.

Find quickly, don’t search long

Our semantic search delivers the (personnel) records you need within seconds. The search incorporates not only the name of the personnel file, but also its content which it can analyze semantically (e.g. CV's).

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Meet compliance guidelines

Meet your company’s compliance requirements with the Fabasoft Personnel File. An individually configurable access and authorisation system without any gaps in compliance makes sure that only authorised persons have access to documents and information.

Audit-proof archiving

The Fabasoft Personnel File enables the audit-proof long term storage of the personnel files of your entire organisation.

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Quick implementation

Easy migration of master data from existing HR systems (for example SAP) and mapping of files, which are imported by drag&drop, CSV import or scanning.


Easy integration of data (for example from SAP) into the Fabasoft Personnel File


Centralised and electronic management of personnel files

Reporting and Analysis

through advanced query and reporting options

Electronic long term archiving

Improved process security

through a company-wide standardisation of processes and their representation within the system; resulting in transparency as well as a reduced workload

Reduced routine tasks

through automated standard workflows

Easy integration of SAP data

Self-service for employees

for selected areas and documents

Strongly reduced information logistics

Costs and time required to copy and transport files are strongly reduced. Multiple data entry and administration of multiple files are abolished.


Fabasoft Private Cloud

Keeping your data at your own site with seamlessly integrated hardware and software


The encryption application for the encryption of sensitive corporate documents


The Enterprise Search Appliance for a 360-degree-view on all structured and unstructured information from all company sources

Fabasoft Cloud

Digital transformation of your business processes – boundless collaboration with customers and partners

Technical data

Standard interfaces for the integration of applications

WebDAV, CalDAV, CMIS, Web Services (SOAP, JSON/REST)

Standard interfaces for authentication

Client certificates, Active Directory, digital IDs

Two factor authentication

by text message, e-mail PIN or Radius 

Integration with SAP

Integration with existing HR systems


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