Fabasoft TechSalon

27. June 2017

Fabasoft TechSalon “Network and IT Security: How to protect your organisation”

With new technologies and a steady increase in networking, the dangers of Internet attacks on organisations are rising. At the first Fabasoft TechSalon of the year 2017 we will therefore take a close look at the dangers we will be facing in 2017, and how you can protect your organisation through network and IT security.

18. October 2016

Fabasoft TechSalon „The End of democracy“

An Austrian première at the Fabasoft TechSalon on October 18 in Vienna! Yvonne Hofstetter, Managing Director, expert on artificial intelligence as well as author, will present her new book “The end of democracy: How artificial intelligence makes politics”.

26. April 2016

Fabasoft TechSalon “Data protection and privacy – what does Europe’s economy need to prepare for?”

On April 26, the Fabasoft TechSalon “Data protection and privacy – what does Europe’s economy need to prepare for?” is taking place with Max Schrems in Vienna.

26. March 2015

Fabasoft TechSalon IT security “Made in Europe”

On March 26, representatives from science, research and the IT industry discussed Cloud computing and security at the Fabasoft TechSalon in Vienna.

25. November 2014

Fabasoft TechSalon “More data protection, less business?”

he European Commission wants to strengthen digital economy. A new General Data Protection Regulation will bring the handling of personal data on a standardised level across all member states. What does this mean for consumers and businesses in Austria? What data may be stored and processed? And how will this be implemented in reality?

23. September 2014

Fabasoft TechSalon “Hands off our data! – the final battle for our freedom”

On September 23, Jan Philipp Albrecht, author and Member of the European Parliament for the Greens, presented his book “Hands off our data!” at the Fabasoft TechSalon in Vienna.

24. April 2014

Fabasoft TechSalon „The power of innovation – turning a crisis into success“

On April 29, 2014, Report Verlag together with host Fabasoft took a close look at the various factors for power of innovation and European economic politics. At the Fabasoft TechSalon in Vienna, representatives from five political parties running for the upcoming EU elections met for a discussion on education, taxes, the job market as well as Europe.