Standards establish global markets: Fabasoft is a member of ETSI

31 May 2016

Brussels/Vienna/Linz, 31 May 2016 – The European cloud provider Fabasoft has been accepted as a member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). In joining the most important European organisation for specification and standardization of future-oriented technologies in the areas of telecommunications and ICT, Fabasoft strives to advance the development of an interoperable, European cloud ecosystem with global market potential.

As a member of ETSI, Fabasoft will primarily play a part in grid and cloud computing technologies. Yet the synergies and knowledge transfer within ETSI in the realm of technology clusters significant to the future of the cloud business, such as security, interoperability, connecting things, wireless systems and networks, shall also be used for further development of its own business models.

ETSI Director General Luis Jorge Romero is pleased about the new member: "We welcome Fabasoft’s decision to join the ETSI community and help develop the standards for eID in Europe. Through their expertise they will bring an important contribution to ETSI’s work."

"As a member of ETSI, Fabasoft is equal to all other ETSI members in having the option of designing standards and linking our small world to global opportunities. However, with ETSI, we have also gained a voice that will be heard internationally," asserts Helmut Fallmann, a member of the Managing Board at Fabasoft AG.

Co-designing a European cloud
For some time now, Fabasoft has been developing a European cloud that is not only characterised by state-of-the-art technology regarding network and storage components, interfaces for B2B data exchange and encryption, but also relies on European values to build customer confidence in the securing of sensitive and personal data.

Membership in ETSI, recognised by the European Union as the standardisation institute for telecommunications and ICT standards, represents the next logical step for Fabasoft in its European cloud philosophy.

Fabasoft is focussed on the potential of a European cloud standard
"If Europe wants to take full advantage of the market volume for cloud computing, forecast at 44 billion euros by 2020, we can't avoid a standardisation of all parameters of the cloud ecosystem," states Helmut Fallmann. ETSI is the guarantor for harmonising and securing the ever-so-important follow-up initiatives to the Cloud Strategy of 2012 with technical standards, such as the generation of a digital, world-class infrastructure based on glass fibre technology and 5G, the establishment of a trustworthy "Science Cloud" to share and recycle scientific data and the digitisation of the industry.

Uniform Europe-wide standards form the foundation for the interoperability of hardware and software and of various applications, as well as the indispensable framework for the security and reliability of applications in the data-driven economy of the future. But mandatory standards can also stimulate new technological developments. Furthermore, they provide an important prerequisite to the establishment of a legal framework for the creation and advancement of European markets with international penetration power.

ETSI membership as a business multiplier
ETSI has been working hard as an international organisation for the development of standards – including bringing small and medium-sized enterprises on board. As a non-profit association of administrations and national standardisation organisations, of network providers, manufacturers, users, service providers, research institutes and universities, with its more than 800 members in 66 countries across the world, ETSI offers especially SMEs excellent added value: The opportunity to form partnerships with other members, gain access to new customer fields, attain early access to cooperative and competent intelligence in significant standardisation topics as well as the possibility of a return on R&D investments through the integration of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) into standards are just the most significant benefits of becoming a member of ETSI.

ETSI, with its headquarters in Sophia Antipolis near Nice, is one of the world's leading organisations for creating standards in almost all relevant future-oriented technologies of telecommunications and ICT. Based on an EU mandate, ETSI develops European quality standards for international applications. ETSI owes great international successes to this concept of standardisation. Such successes include GSM and TETRA, which were originally dimensioned for the European market and yet have also been able to conquer the global market.

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