Reliable and compliant sharing of images, videos & co. with external partners in the Cloud

13 September 2018

Fabasoft Digital Asset Management offers efficient licensing management for the handling of image files

Linz/Vienna, September 13, 2018 – If the marketing department is in a rush to launch a campaign and uses an image without properly indicating the copyright, legal action or - in the worst case - financial penalties may be the consequence. The rising importance of inbound marketing has in turn dramatically increased the amount of content that is generated. Collaboration with external service providers and the sharing of “digital assets” make it even harder to keep control of the use of assets in compliance with licenses. With its Digital Asset Management solution (DAM), Fabasoft has developed a product that can be implemented immediately to support businesses in using their digital assets according to the valid licensing terms in collaboration with their external partners. The entire data pool is stored with legal certainty, assets are easy to find and share, and costly financial penalties are avoided.

Content is king

With the enormous growth of inbound marketing, businesses are creating ever more content to achieve lead generation and increase customer satisfaction. This concerns blog articles and postings on their social media channels as well as whitepapers, articles for email newsletters, videos on customer success stories and much more. Keeping up with these high demands makes it necessary to use images, texts, audios and videos from different sources such as an in-house image archive, stock photo agencies or external photographers.

Avoiding mistakes and additional costs from the start

The question of licensing often remains unanswered. If documentation is insufficient or assets are used outside of a controlled environment, media licenses may be infringed involuntarily – which can easily become expensive. On the one hand, collaboration with external partners such as agencies requires particular attention: Once an image has been sent, there is usually no longer any control over the way in which the asset is used by the partner company. On the other hand, images received from photographers often lack clearly defined or documented copyrights.

License compliance for digital assets in the Cloud

Fabasoft Digital Asset Management provides valuable support to businesses and other organisations who are dealing with this matter. The solution offers straight-forward management of licensing information and thereby helps avoid wrongful use – internally as well as externally. Content is stored in a central archive in the Public Cloud and can be made accessible to different user groups without any media or process ruptures. External partners such as agencies, photographers or persons at other locations thus have central access to digital assets. Indexing, releases or other processing steps regarding these assets can be defined individually. In day-to-day operations, Fabasoft Digital Asset Management stands the test as a traceable, secure, immediately available and easily scalable solution.

“Digital content licensing is one of the aspects of digital transformation requiring particular attention – especially regarding the risk of costly penalties“, explains Andreas Dangl, Business Unit Executive for Cloud Services at Fabasoft. “We have developed our Cloud-based DAM concept as a powerful solution to meet these challenges to the benefit of our customers. It paves the way to managing all existing assets in compliance with licensing with all partners.”

Additional information on Digital Asset Management in compliance with licensing as well as the benefits of the Fabasoft solution is available here.