Fabasoft supports data protection NGO founded by Max Schrems

18 January 2018

NOYB (“None of Your Business”) and Cloud provider are advocating stricter compliance with European data protection laws.

Austrian data protection activist Max Schrems is setting up an NGO which aims at enforcing European data protection laws by taking cases on consumer protection to court. By means of crowdfunding, he expects to raise 250,000 euros for NOYB (“None of Your Business”) by the end of January. Max Schrems has a clear goal for his European Center for Digital Rights: “Europe is going to have the best data protection legislation in the world. The new rules are an important step forward. Now they need to be put into practice.”

Data protection – a core competence of Fabasoft

Fabasoft is supporting Schrems’ endeavour with the largest amount of money permitted by NOYB’s articles of association since data protection is one of the company’s core competencies. The Fabasoft Cloud meets all basic principles of the upcoming EU-General Data Protection Regulation and furthermore offers ready-to-use apps for businesses. The administration of the records of processing activities or process management on the rights of data subjects are just two examples of possible use cases. “Our cooperation with Max Schrems and our support for “None of Your Business” underline our focus yet again”, says Helmut Fallmann, member of the Managing Board of Fabasoft AG. 500 individuals are already supporting NOYB. In addition, organisations such as Mozilla, the City of Vienna and the operators of the search engine StartPage.com have pledged their support.

Max Schrems is known for his spectacular legal action against social media giant Facebook. While Europe has the strictest legislation on data protection, he thinks that in practice, “big business” is handling this sensitive issue quite differently: The right to privacy is being ignored. NOYB wants to enforce data protection legislation in a joint effort by using the provisions of the EU-General Data Protection Regulation that will enter into force in May 2018. Schrems is keen on reaching his financial goal: “The fight against major global corporations is only possible on a sound financial basis. It’s all or nothing.”

Max Schrems and Helmut Fallmann -  Fabasoft is supporting Max Schrems’ data protection NGO NOYB  (photo credit Melina Krobath)