Fabasoft Cloud as missing link for Post AG's document and workflow management

9 October 2015

Fabasoft impresses Post AG with its powerful and highly secure document management system in the cloud. The partnership means that Post AG will act as a reseller of the Fabasoft Cloud with immediate effect. In the future, Fabasoft will provide cloud functionalities for digital document management in companies under the brand "“Post Cloud Enterprise"”.

Post AG is preparing the next step in its digitisation strategy by moving into the cloud. The well-established B2B solutions for electronic incoming mail and digital document logistics under the umbrella brand "“Mail Solutions"” should be further enhanced by a cloud-based DMS (Document Management System). Post AG’'s aim was to offer its customers the secure exchange of documents within companies irrespective of borders as well as the management of large quantities, the uniform processing of business and internal mail and its consolidated storage in the corporate documentation. Another objective was to ensure both the increase in mobility through employees'’ mobile access to their digital mail on tablets and smartphones and the improvement in search accuracy when retrieving documents.

Maximum security standards and system openness were the deciding factors

When choosing a system, the Fabasoft Cloud solution scored particularly well in terms of its high security standards and the open system interfaces. The Fabasoft Cloud guarantees maximum data protection through storage locations in Vienna and through security certifications of renowned external standardisation and test institutes. Another criterion behind Post AG’'s decision to opt for the Fabasoft Cloud concerned the openness of the interfaces, which, amongst other things, ensure interoperability with the customer’'s ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) as well as enabling the straightforward modelling of customer-specific workflows.

Workflow management for individual use cases

With the new cloud service, Post AG works with its customers to define the workflows required for processing electronic incoming mail. Post AG provides customers with a business centre address where the physical mail arrives. Having opened, scanned and categorised the letters (e.g. by invoices, contracts, etc.) and extracted the required data based on this categorisation (e.g. invoice and delivery note items) as well as having a thorough quality check performed by Post’'s subsidiary “"Scanpoint"”, the documents and metadata and transferred to the "“Post Cloud Enterprise"” in fully digitised form.

The Fabasoft Cloud models all document logistics processes electronically under the new "“Post Cloud Enterprise"” brand. All documents are made available to customers via the "“Teamroom"” functionality of the Fabasoft Cloud. A Teamroom for incoming mail can be set up for every single employee at Post AG's customers. Users of Post AG’'s digital document management system also have the possibility to set up special Teamrooms for financial departments, which then take care of the entire invoice administration process. The stored workflows execute the forwarding and approval/inspection processes used in the companies. In this way, invoices can be entered into the accounting systems and booked in ERP (e.g. SAP) with a high degree of automation.

Certified mail consignments or official documents can also be confirmed by the recipient by means of a digital signature. The extensive functionality of the Fabasoft Cloud Teamroom concept therefore offers the best options for individual adaptations and use case modelling, such as in the form of consistently standardised labelling for various items of electronic incoming post. Enhancing the digital documents with certain attributes in this way ensures that the electronic items of mail arrive at the correct recipient via the fastest available route.

The functional diversity of the Fabasoft Cloud Teamroom is ideally supplemented by the security concept of these protected data rooms. From the administration, the set-up of Teamrooms and the assigned rights to the log-in procedure with two-factor authentication and further high-quality access variants, to the actual ownership of the Teamroom by the company as a cloud organisation - digital mail documents enjoy exclusive protection of the very highest standard.

Cloud functionality offers Post AG further market penetration

With the outsourcing of document and workflow management to an experienced provider of cloud-based ECM solutions, Post AG can address the market for electronic document and invoice management beyond the scope of large companies. Small and medium-sized companies in particular, which do not have their own infrastructure for operating a digital mail room or for archiving the incoming mail and the attached documents, can now also join in the process of company digitisation with "“Post Cloud Enterprise"” based on Fabasoft Cloud functionalities and in doing so increase their competitiveness.

Post licensing proves technology leadership of the Fabasoft Cloud

“"We are delighted to have secured a partner in Post AG that operates very close to customers and clearly aligns its digital products to them accordingly. Our turnkey cloud solution from a single source once again confirms that our design principles - which consist of first-rate application, simple customising and sophisticated data security - form the basis of our market success in the German-speaking region,"” says a satisfied DI Helmut Fallmann, member of the Managing Board of Fabasoft AG.

“"With the Fabasoft Cloud, we have been able to meet the requirements of Post AG with superb agility, cost efficiency and with the shortest implementation time, all to the company’'s total satisfaction,”" says Andreas Dangl, Managing Director of Fabasoft Cloud GmbH, underscoring the importance of the partnership to the excellent reputation of the listed Linz-based software house as a provider of reliable European cloud services.

f.l.t.r.: Georg Mündl, Managing Director Mail Solutions Österreichische Post AG, Walter Hitziger, Managing Board Brief, Werbepost & Filialen Österreichische Post AG, Helmut Fallmann, Managing Board Fabasoft AG, Andreas Dangl, Managing Director Fabasoft Cl