Fabasoft Cloud awarded the first ever 5 star certification worldwide

8 February 2016

The world’s safest cloud comes from Austria:
Fabasoft Cloud awarded the first ever 5 star certification worldwide

EuroCloud Star Audit – another word for customer benefit

The EuroCloud Star Audit examines the entire supply chain closely during its qualitative testing of a cloud ecosystem. It targets not only general information about the cloud service provider (provider profile) and the physical location of the data storage but other criteria as well, including compliance conformity of business and service conditions (General Terms and Conditions and SLAs), the complete security management and data protection requirements, operations and infrastructure plus operational processes such as data backup or customer support, etc. And last but not least, the ECSA assesses in detail the specific type of cloud service (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS). In the case of an ECSA certified cloud service provider, potential customers can rely unconditionally on the fact that the strictest quality criteria are applied to all cloud services offered and the entire operator infrastructure.

“This certification is like an insurance policy against data abuse for cloud users”, explains the Managing Director of Fabasoft Cloud, Andreas Dangl, with obvious pleasure at the hard-earned award.

Holistic test approach makes all the difference

While many testing procedures of accredited test institutions focus on certification of security and observation of data protection requirements in the cloud environment, the EuroCloud Star Audit is a unique certification system in Europe in that it tests the quality standard along the entire cloud value-added chain using an extensive and published catalogue of criteria. In other words, the audit applies the same high standards to the quality of embedded infrastructure and platform providers or a “Federated Cloud” as it does to the certified cloud providers themselves.

The high quality standard of the audit of the pan-European corporate group EuroCloud has been recognised due to the scope of its assessment criteria, thus lending it significant influence within the industry.

5 star certification makes Fabasoft Cloud a role model for European value creating momentum

Helmut Fallmann, Member of the Board of Fabasoft AG is convinced, “This worldwide unique 5-star certification of quality awarded by the ECSA is impressive confirmation that our high-quality cloud ecosystem has the potential to become a model for a cloud industry ‘Made in Europe’.” “We must now use the signal effect of best European cloud certification standard to focus on initiating a value creating momentum in Europe.”

With the orientation of the European cloud industry clearly geared towards the highest certification standards, such as those of EuroCloud Europe, the European Union can re-position Europe as an IT location within the international trial of strength between the different regions of the world.

“With our highly developed Star Audit certification scheme we provide industry with a meaningful decision-making tool for selecting a reliable cloud provider and in so doing stimulate the acceptance of European cloud solutions”, Tobias Höllwarth, Vice President of EuroCloud Europe, goes on to tell us. “As European auditors we stand for trustworthiness and with our certificates ensure maximum transparency on the provider market thanks to tested security”.

Mandatory cloud certification to ensure the position of Europe as an IT location

The trust of customers is the decisive factor of success in the cloud-based IT industry. For this reason high-quality certification is of vital importance for the development of trustworthy cloud services in Europe. It could take on the role of a “game changer” in the international IT location issue if it finds widespread top-level application as a valid yardstick for the quality of cloud-based information technologies throughout Europe.

“Where the processing of personal data in the cloud is concerned we must work together with EuroCloud Europe on the political stage of the European Commission to promote mandatory compliance with the quality level 5 ECSA stars for cloud service providers”, says Helmut Fallmann, moving attention into the future. “Nowadays the majority of cloud service providers have their hands full to achieve even a 3 star ECSA certification”, claims Tobias Höllwarth. “That is why there is still plenty of upward scope with regard to the protection of personal data in the cloud and the handling of exceptional situations.” What is called for now is European politics to recognise the “indirect” potential for value creation offered by a certification scheme for the European cloud industry and to exploit the constantly evoked potential within the sector to the full by developing mandatory tested quality standards. Certification must become the calling card of a European cloud.

f.l.t.r.: Tobias Höllwarth, Vice President of EuroCloud Europe, and Andreas Dangl, Managing Director of Fabasoft Cloud GmbH