Your new Fabasoft Cloud dashboard – clear, convenient and personal

We are pleased to present the new, clear and individual design of the Fabasoft Cloud! The Fabasoft Cloud November 2018 Release is introducing an entirely new look of the Fabasoft Cloud – one that will make working with the Fabasoft Cloud even easier for you.

Your new Fabasoft Cloud dashboard – clear, convenient and personal

Benefits of the new dashboard design


  • Information of one kind is combined in widgets. Users of the Fabasoft Cloud therefore have a better overview of all the important information and areas they need for their daily work.


  • Widgets may be displayed or hidden. In the “Home” area, users can adjust their size and position.

    Adjust widget size and position in the Fabasoft Cloud

    It is furthermore possible to store frequently used objects directly on Home via Copy & Paste.

Quick access:

  • Widgets such as “Personal Folder” or “Teamrooms Shared With Me” show a list of content. As a result, users not only benefit from a higher level of overview thanks to the grouping of information but also have immediate access to the relevant content.
  • With the help of a button in the right part of the menu you can now also activate the new function “Quick Access”:

    Qick access in the Fabasoft Cloud

    This button allows you to work even faster with the Fabasoft Cloud. You are certainly familiar with the following scenario: While you are working in a Teamroom, another important task pops up. As a result you need to navigate to another Teamroom to edit a document. From now on you will save precious time because it is no longer necessary to make several “pit stops” in the Cloud in order to get back to your previous activity. Instead you simply click “Quick Access”, and the widget “Personal Folder” displays your previous activities. Now you can instantly return to your original task.

Teamroom overview:

  • You have often been wondering how many Teamrooms you are a member of? The new widget “Teamrooms Shared With Me” has the answer to this question! It always provides you with an up-to-date overview of all those Teamrooms to which you have access on the basis of different rights.

Personal Folder

The Personal Folder corresponds to the previous “Home” area, here you can store the most important or most frequently used Teamrooms. It is also the place where you create new Teamrooms and invite participants. As soon as you assign the relevant rights to a user, he or she is an active team member. From now on you do not have to search for a Teamroom after you have been invited and have clicked “Just Accept” on the Welcome screen of the Fabasoft Cloud. Moreover, it no longer takes an invitation to access a Teamroom. Every user who has been granted the necessary rights to a particular Teamroom can immediately start collaborating. Whenever you are newly authorised, your personal widget “Teamrooms Shared With Me” will show the respective Teamroom.

Teamrooms Shared With Me

This widgets displays a list of all Teamrooms for which you have been authorised as a team member. It always provides you with an up-to-date overview of all those Teamrooms to which you have access on the basis of different rights. You no longer have to spend time on searching – simply open the widget to see where you can collaborate. The Teamrooms are sorted chronologically according to their creation date. With the help of an icon you instantly see the Teamrooms you have not opened yet.

To make access even easier, you can also store your most important or most frequently used Teamrooms in your “Personal Folder”, in the “Favorites” widget or even directly on the dashboard. Simply choose the way that best suits your requirements!


With the help of the right mouse button, Fabasoft Cloud users can add an object to their favorites by clicking “Tools” and then “Add to Favorites”. The list of favorites is available as a widget in the new “Home” area.

Organization Folder

This widget holds a list of all the standard Teamrooms of the organisation a user belongs to.

For a detailed description of these features as well as all further enhancements of the Fabasoft Cloud November Release, click HERE.