Workflow: Graphical representation of process flows

In the Fabasoft Cloud, your workflows are continuously automated and fully traceable such as the release of documents. With the help of a graphical BPMN 2.0 editor you can create customised processes that are tailored to the requirements of your organisation. Using the workflow functionality of the Fabasoft Cloud is a walk in the park – in terms of creating the processes and also in executing them right from within the worklist of the Fabasoft Cloud.

The straight-forward and logical modelling allows you to quickly design your business processes in a graphically appealing way. You can then execute them directly with the workflow engine of the Fabasoft Cloud. Without the need of any programming skills you can thus define workflows that perfectly fit the requirements of your organisation.

What is more, the Fabasoft Cloud is also equipped for multi-instance activities (MI activities): Process activities can be executed by several persons at the same time (in parallel) or by one person after another (sequentially). You can use these multi-instance activities in predefined processes as well as in ad-hoc processes. This feature can for example be used to handle releases by several users in parallel.

Graphical representation of process flows

Each process is made up of individual activities which can be executed from the respective user’s worklist. With the newly introduced graphical representation of process flows, all users who are involved in the process can now track the state of those processes that have already been started.
For objects on which at least one process has been started, a “Processes” tab is available. An overview of the activities which have already been executed and the current activity are displayed for each process.

Graphical representation of process flows

Simply click the process name to display the entire process with all of its loops and conditions:

display of the entire process with all of its loops and conditions

Bold lines indicate the activities that have already been completed, while the current process status is highlighted in grey. Paths that have not been executed during the process are indicated with a dotted line.

The clear and straight-forward representation of process workflows and states ensures that all processes experiencing problems are immediately recognised and can be accessed quickly and easily by any person involved in the process to take the necessary steps or inform the user who is responsible.

For a detailed description of this feature as well as all further enhancements of the Fabasoft Cloud September Release, click HERE.