What's New Februar 2016

As of this release, the Fabasoft Cloud provides you with features for an improved administration of your organisational units and your external organisations, a thoroughly revamped BPMN editor to model your digital business processes, a better overview of your tasks in the Worklist, and the possibility to “clean up” your Fabasoft Scrum dashboard.

Managing organisational units and external organisations

In the December issue of the Fabasoft Times(link is external) we have already presented some of the new organisational policies. Organisational policies are used for example to centrally define the activities which the individual members of your organisation may carry out, the content that may be stored, and the team definition to be applied.
Today we will show you how the organisation’s administrator can use these policies to delegate the administration of external organisations while at the same time keep an overview and remain in control.

To access the policies, choose “Advanced Settings” and “Define Policies” in your organisation’s dashboard. The policies determine the organisation’s members or units authorised to execute the respective actions.

The new policies “Manage External Organisations” and “Manage Organisational Units” allow the administrator to delegate these tasks to other members of the organisation.
When regular members of the organisation invite external contacts to Teamrooms, they can no longer create external organisations or add the external contact to an external organisation. These actions can now only be executed by users who are authorised by the above-mentioned policy.
On the one hand, this mechanism prevents that external organisations are created or enlarged in an uncoordinated manner. On the other hand, it allows you to delegate the administrative work to several members of your organisation without granting them full administrator rights for your Cloud organisation.

Our Online help provides you with detailed descriptions of all organisational policies.


Modelling your processes with the revamped BPMN editor

The thoroughly revamped BPMN 2.0 editor makes working with the Fabasoft Cloud Superior Edition’s workflow functionality even more fun. The straight-forward and logical modelling allows you to quickly design your business processes in a graphically appealing way. You can then execute these processes directly with the workflow engine of the Fabasoft Cloud. Without the need of any programming know-how, you can thus define work sequences perfectly fitting the requirements of your organisation. Ad-hoc processes can now also be defined efficiently with the standard BPMN editor.

A better overview of your tasks in the Worklist

From your employees’ point of view, the Worklist is the main workflow element of the Fabasoft Cloud Superior Edition. The dashboard of the Worklist provides you with a quick overview of the tasks that need to be carried out or have already been completed. Next to the To Do list of open tasks you now also see the objects that are concerned by these tasks. This feature gives you instant access to documents that have been assigned to you by processes. It is also of great benefit when you are using the Fabasoft Cloud App or the Fabasoft Worklist App.


A new look in the Fabasoft Cloud

In the February update, we have given the Fabasoft Cloud an even more elegant look. You will find new icons that impress with clear, fine lines. The info box gets “slimmer” with a two-column display of the properties. Finally, the content view and the support dialogue fit in seamlessly with the new and elegant design.


Interactive list of documents in the Fabasoft Cloud clients

The Fabasoft Cloud client also presents new features: A simple click with the left mouse button on the notification icon of the Fabasoft Cloud clients’ task bar opens the list of documents.

This list displays the documents recently processed by the Fabasoft Cloud client, sorted chronologically. The documents synchronised most recently, which you updated locally or your colleagues worked on in the Fabasoft Cloud, are displayed. The list also contains documents you have opened or saved via the Fabasoft Cloud web client. Documents that are currently open are indicated separately.

You can get started right from within the list of documents. A double click brings you directly to the synchronised file in Microsoft Windows Explorer or Apple OS X Finder. Double-clicking a file that has been opened via the Fabasoft Cloud web client opens the document in your web browser.

The context menu gives you access to further actions, such as copying a link to the document to the clipboard so you can then insert it into another document or an email.

The Fabasoft Cloud client now also indicates the synchronisation status in the status bar. To temporarily suspend synchronisation (for example if you do not have Wi-Fi access), simply click the icon in the status bar.

During synchronisation, the status bar shows the folders currently being scanned by the Fabasoft Cloud client. Any errors that should occur during synchronisation are also displayed in the list of documents.

Use the header bar of the new list of documents to

  • conveniently switch to another cloud location
  • open the extended menu of the Fabasoft Cloud clients
  • provide us with feedback or contact Support

If a connection to the Fabasoft Cloud is possible, the Fabasoft Cloud client automatically checks for updates and installs them. In the info dialogue you can also check if the current version is installed, and trigger the update manually if necessary.


Customising your Fabasoft Scrum dashboard

We have received our Scrum customers’ feedback on the dashboard, and have already implemented it: With a few clicks in the dashboard settings you can now determine the Scrum centres and Scrum projects to be displayed in the dashboard. This is particularly useful if you are a member of many Scrum projects or Scrum centres. You can limit the data displayed in your dashboard to those projects and centres you are actually working with. Your dashboard thus gives you real overview.


News for developers

The February update also contains some new features for users of Fabasoft app.ducx and Fabasoft app.test. You can find them online via the following links:

Fabasoft app.test
Fabasoft app.ducx