What’s New: Fabasoft Cloud 2016 December Release

Working with processes and forms in the Fabasoft Cloud has never been easier

The new features of the Fabasoft Cloud December release make working with processes and user-defined forms in the Cloud editions Enterprise and Superior even faster and easier.

Processes and forms

The enhancements for working with processes already start in the worklist: A document that has been assigned a category in a user-defined form is now displayed in split view when you work on it or approve it. While you see the document in one view, you can enter metadata in the second one without having to jump from one window to another.

Processes can be started either manually or automatically. Starting a process automatically is carried out via a follow-up or via the inbox. If you start a process manually by choosing “Start New Process” from the “Tools” menu, you can decide between an ad-hoc process and a predefined process. An ad-hoc process with a single activity such as “Edit“ can be started without having to open the BPMN editor. This “quick start” is also available for predefined processes displayed in the selection list.

The follow-up feature has been enhanced with an additional improvement: If you want to start a predefined process at a later time, you simply define a follow-up. The process or step will then start automatically at the specified time. This feature is particularly helpful in the case of deadlines or steps that lie in the future, such as preparations for annual audits.

Creating predefined processes

New features added to the BPMN-Editor make working even easier: The “Applicable for” property is now available directly within the BPMN editor to choose the object classes or categories that apply to a process. It is therefore no longer necessary to close the process and edit it in the “Properties”.

The form page “Signatures” is also offering new properties. By using “Last signature", “Last signature on/at”, “Last signature by” and “Remark of last signature” it is now easier to implement signatures as conditions of processes. These properties can also be displayed as columns of the worklist or in the detail view of a teamroom or folder.

With yet another new feature you can define abstract process participants by object properties. In this way it is possible to determine process participants dynamically and depending on the respective object. In the course of releasing a process, for example, you can forward an activity to the initiator of a document (property “Created by”) to inform him whether the release has been granted or refused. Determining process participants dynamically makes room for completely new possibilities in the digital modelling of business processes.


The inbox is an “intelligent folder” where you determine rules for the processing of incoming objects. A rule always consists of conditions and resulting actions that are executed if all conditions apply.

An inbox is created in the same way as a Teamroom – directly on “Home” in your Fabasoft Cloud (background context menu --> “New” and “Create Inbox”). As for Teamrooms, you then define the team and their access rights.

In the following example, the accounting team has created an inbox that will automatically assign all objects containing the word “invoice” in its name to the category “Invoice”.

Accordingly, the condition is “Name contains ‘Invoice’”. The system checks if the selected property contains the defined string. Lower and upper case is ignored. All conditions that have been defined must be met in order to trigger the action.
Rules that should always be executed must not contain any conditions.

Accounting can choose from different actions to be executed once the condition has been checked:

  • An object is to be assigned a certain category: All invoices are assigned the category “Invoice” without the need of having to categorise each incoming invoice manually. 
  • In connection with Mindbreeze InSpire, you can classify incoming elements fully automatically and assign them a category, for example “Invoice”. It is furthermore possible to automatically extract metadata from the classified document (e.g. date of invoice, amount of invoice, supplier, etc.). This will reduce or even eliminate the manual effort required for data entering. For details on this feature click HERE.
  • Starting a process: A predefined process is started on the incoming object.


For a detailed description of this feature as well as all further enhancements of the Fabasoft Cloud December Release, click HERE.