What's New April 2016

The Fabasoft Cloud April Update offers additional "Manage Home" features, you can manage external members even better and synchronize files faster.

Management of “Home”

The new “Manage Home” policy allows the administrators of organisations to define those members authorised to carry out changes directly on “Home”. They are then the only members who can create, store and remove Teamrooms or folders.

This feature ensures that a filing structure defined and set by a standard Teamroom for the entire organisation or for particular organisational units cannot be modified by an individual member. The “Manage Home” policy provides organisations with a clearly structured user interface that can be perfectly adapted to their needs, and can be individually predefined for each user by the administrator.


External organisations

The “External organisations” feature has already let you administer your external members in a structured way. As of the April update, the administration of your organisation’s members now also offers the external organisation “All external members”, which is available by default. It always includes all external members of your organisation. In situations such as authorising all external members of a Teamroom, this external organisation greatly facilitates work.

As soon as a new external member has been defined for an organisation, this member is part of the external organisation “All external members”. Another change in functionality lies in the fact that a new external member no longer has to confirm membership in order to be able to work with the Fabasoft Cloud. The assigned licence can be used immediately. However, the new external member still receives an invitation mail to accept membership. Upon confirmation, the organisation’s administrator is authorised to modify data of the new member.


Enhanced usability

Working with the Fabasoft Cloud has become even more efficient:


Our recent changes are adding greater clarity to navigation. Thanks to a slimmer layout, there is less need for scrolling. New guiding lines let you see at a glance on which navigational level you currently are, while new icons show whether or not a folder is open. These features make navigating the Fabasoft Cloud even easier.

Info box

The info box now opens right above or below the selected line, keeping the selected area fully visible. This ensures that the info box now offers even more overview and clarity.

Collapsing the tool area

In the Fabasoft Cloud navigation, the tool area can be expanded and collapsed according to your requirements. This feature now offers even higher comfort: The Fabasoft Cloud remembers your setting. When switching over to Home or opening a new tab, the tool area is set up the same way you last used it.

List of calendars

The latest calendar features always keep you up-to-date:
The calendar has been optimised in particular with regard to keyboard operation, which also adds to accessibility. Appointments and tasks are both sorted by date.
In list view, the most current element is selected: In the task area, the first open task is displayed; in the case of appointments, you first see the next or the current appointment. No matter how long your list of appointments, you always “jump” to the latest entry and therefore will never miss an appointment!

Saving documents in the Fabasoft Cloud

When documents are uploaded to the Fabasoft Cloud, this is now indicated in the task list of your operating system to clearly show whether or not a document has already been saved in the Fabasoft Cloud.


Synchronising documents with your local file system allows you to quickly work with the latest versions of Cloud folders. It is now possible to launch synchronisation directly from within the Fabasoft Cloud web client in “Tools”. This updates the folder in the file system and opens the folder. You can continue to work in the updated folder and also activate that the folder be kept synchronous, if required.

To facilitate working while synchronisation of large folders takes place, you can set the band width for upload and download (KB/sec) in the options.

If you want to cancel the download of a large file, you can choose the context menu option “Cloud Folder” > “Remove Local Files” on the parent folder.


More clarity in Fabasoft Scrum

The structure of the archive folders has been changed to add more clarity to the different reports: They are now displayed per year.
In the inbox, you can mark elements as read/unread to gain more overview of important stories and thus be able to plan more easily and quicker (similar to the Outlook inbox).


For a detailed description of all features of the Fabasoft Cloud April 2016 Release, click HERE.