Review of the Fabasoft TechSalon "IT security Made in Europe”

Fabasoft TechSalon: "IT security Made in Europe”

On March 26, representatives from science, research and the IT industry discussed Cloud computing and security at the Fabasoft TechSalon in Vienna.

Technology Made in Europe

DI Helmut Fallmann, member of the Managing Board of Fabasoft AG and host of the event, started by emphasising that the current discussion on data protection and the market power of US and international technology companies was not about protectionism, but about fair competition and technology Made in Europe.

“On the one hand, our European democracy is endangered by the erosion of privacy, while on the other hand, technological innovation is essential to our future”, Fallmann said.

Divide and rule: Separating Cloud computing from security

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Posch, Scientific Director of the Secure Information Technology Center, provided insights into current security technologies which are based on a separation of Cloud and security.

“Safeguarding the data protection interests of the population and businesses is only possible if data storage and data processing remain separate from security services”, explained Posch.

The new encryption system developed by the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications (IAIK) of the Graz University of Technology in cooperation with Fabasoft serves as an example of how such a separation provides the basis for highest security.

A secure IT infrastructure for a secure future

DI Helmut Leopold, Head of Digital Safety & Security Department at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), highlighted the enormous potential of networking opportunities and network architectures through Industry 4.0.

When asked what we can contribute to a safe IT infrastructure for the future, he provided insights into the latest thoughts on security from the point of view of research. “The growing complexity of the ICT infrastructure of applications leads to higher risks of use”, explained Leopold.
However, he was confident that Europe would in the future be able to ensure the reliability of critical IT infrastructure through the use of technology such as maximum security encryption.

Secure data encryption in the Cloud

DI Dr. Peter Teufl from the IAIK of the Graz University of Technology gave background information on modern cryptography with a special focus on hacking. “Advanced persistent threats are becoming standard attacks which will in the end be on offer in Google Play Store”, Teufl said. In this context, the distinguishing feature of the newly developed Fabasoft Secomo Appliance is the fact that it can be used for cryptography on all devices. This ensures end-to-end encrypted data and collaboration at maximum security.


The event which was moderated by Martin Szelgrad offered a stimulating discussion on data protection and data security within the framework of Cloud computing.

All participants agreed in hoping that businesses could regain sovereignty over their data by using modern encryption systems such as the Fabasoft Secomo Appliance as well as with the help of European data protection legislation and trustworthy Cloud suppliers.

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