Preview images in encrypted Teamrooms

With the current release, preview images can be displayed in the web browser for end-to-end encrypted documents. It is no longer necessary to encrypt the documents locally on your PC, upload them to the Fabasoft Cloud and store them there with encryption. Whenever an encrypted Teamroom is created, a key is generated which is used to encrypt documents that are uploaded to the Fabasoft Cloud. These documents are only stored in the Teamroom once they have been encrypted. Decrypting and viewing preview images is restricted to those users who are authorised for the respective encrypted Teamrooms.

How does this work?

Fabasoft Secomo as a Service is part of the Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise edition. End-to-end encryption needs to be activated in order to make it available to the members of your organisation. To this aim, execute the “Configure Encryption” action in the “Advanced Settings” for your organisation.

“Configure Encryption” action in the “Advanced Settings”

When you create a Teamroom you can decide whether the documents of this particular Teamroom are to be encrypted. Encryption can also be activated or deactivated at a later point in time. For Microsoft Office documents as well as PDF documents, preview images can be displayed in encrypted Teamrooms. To use this functionality, in the Fabasoft Cloud client’s Options, on the “Content” tab, activate the respective options in the “Encrypted Documents” field. In addition, Microsoft Office and GPL Ghostscript must be installed on the client.

Create a Teamroom in the Fabasoft Cloud

Your benefits

Preview images in encrypted Teamrooms allow you to

  • Read documents and PDF files directly in the Fabasoft Cloud Preview without having to download and open them in the respective application
  • Work with encrypted documents in a user-friendly way without the need for manual encryption

Preview of encrypted document in the Fabsoft Cloud

If you would like to use Fabasoft Secomo as a Service for end-to-end encryption, please get in touch with Fabasoft Sales.


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