Personal PDF comments in the Fabasoft Cloud

Annotating PDF documents for personal use

We all know the situation: You are receiving documents on a meeting with your customer or your boss that will start in a few hours. In order to prepare for the meeting, you would like to add your thoughts on some of the issues directly within the documents. But unfortunately they are in PDF format. For security reasons, you cannot print them either.
In addition, you do not want that all of the meeting’s participants can see your preparations and annotations.

Personal PDF annotations

The Fabasoft Cloud has the answer to this problem: Thanks to the new “PDF annotation” functionality, you can comment PDF documents directly in the Cloud and strictly for your personal use. No other users can see your text notes, the parts of the text that you have highlighted, any stamps or even free form drawings you have added to annotate the PDF file.
These personal annotations can be added on PCs, Macs and Laptops as well as in the mobile Fabasoft Cloud app for iOS. The iOS app also allows you to annotate PDF files in offline mode. As soon as you are online again, the stored annotations will be loaded into the PDF and stored in the Fabasoft Cloud.

Personal annotations in the Fabasoft Cloud app for iOS

Public annotations

If a PDF document already contains annotations, these are saved in a “public layer” of the document when you enable the comment bar, and are therefore visible to all team members.

Annotations and read-only rights

Even users of the Fabasoft Cloud who “only” have reading rights can annotate PDF documents since the original document is not changed by them.

Personal comments in you browser client

How does this work?

To create a personal annotation, navigate to the respective position within the PDF document. Use the “Show comments toolbar” and “Comment” buttons of the PDF preview to open the file for editing. In the external PDF viewer you can now add your text comments, highlight parts of the text or insert stamps. When you then save the file, your editing changes are stored as personal annotations in the Fabasoft Cloud.
Upon opening or downloading the PDF document, all annotations that are visible to you are added to the content of the file, and you are ready for your meeting. As in previous versions, you can also download the original PDF document without any of the annotations.

Opening of the current version of a PDF document with personal comments in the Fabasoft Cloud App

Changes by other users

What happens if someone else is editing the original document after you have added your personal annotations?
If the content of the PDF file itself has changed in the meantime (for example, if it has been replaced with a different file, if the text has been changed or public annotations have been deleted), the last saved version of “your” commented PDF is still available with all of your annotations. You can choose this version via the dropdown field in the PDF preview and be assured that all of your comments, suggestions and notes are always ready to hand.

Your benefits

Fabasoft Cloud PDF annotations allow you to

  • Annotate PDF documents for your personal use

  • Store these annotations with visibility limited to you alone 

  • Edit and read PDF documents on your computer as well as on your mobile iOS device

  • Avoid surprises from unexpected changes of content

  • Always be perfectly prepared with paperless as well as printed PDF documents

If you would like to use the possibility to annotate PDF documents on your mobile iOS device via the Fabasoft Cloud app, please contact Fabasoft Sales.


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