Managing digital treasures in the Fabasoft Cloud

The Fabasoft Cloud 2017 June Release includes many improvements for digital asset management that make it easier than ever to organise your picture, audio, video and document assets – the “digital treasures” of your organisation.

Let’s use a standard situation in the daily workflow of a graphic designer at the company “GlobalCom” as an example. He is managing a comprehensive picture library out of which he is supplying colleagues from other departments with the necessary material. This may be the marketing department which needs pictures for the company’s website, or the PR department which urgently requires a high-resolution picture of senior management to be used in a newspaper article. Situations are highly diverse and usually very urgent.

With Digital Asset Management (DAM), the graphic designer can now easily create asset shelves on the Digital Asset Board (which is the equivalent of the Home area of the Fabasoft Cloud) to manage his pictures.

In the redesigned views he can quickly “lift” the respective pictures from the well-designed thumbnails view into full-screen mode where he can check them for suitability.

If changes are necessary, the graphic designer opens the respective picture in its original format, makes the required modifications and saves it again. The picture is then instantly available in the Fabasoft Cloud as usual.

Previously, each picture had to be rendered individually to the size of 720 x 405 pixels which the marketing department needs for website JPGs. Now, the graphic designer only has to define a new download format and define the respective settings.

This is taking place in the “DAM Configuration“: The graphic designer assigns a name to the download format – in this example, “Pictures for website” – and defines the type of assets (here it is “picture files”), the file format, the ratio and the resolution for downloading. This workflow can be applied to individual pictures as well as to entire folders – and it also works for public links! In addition, access authorisations can be defined. Our graphic designer defines that members of the marketing department may only download pictures of the download format “Pictures for website”.

Once the download format has been defined, the graphic designer can create his own thesauri to tag the digital assets. A thesaurus is used to manage terms and depict their relationships (e.g. animals → mammals → cats → tiger). All thesauri defined are available for use via the context menu “Edit Properties”.
Next, the graphic designer can tag the pictures in order to ensure that they are easier to find, or sort them according to different criteria. He can also select several pictures at once and tag them in one go. To do so, he selects the respective elements and chooses “Edit Properties” from the context menu. In the “Terms” property, the graphic designer determines the terms to be used for all selected pictures.

With this workflow, it has only taken him a single action to define that all pictures of this asset shelve will be downloaded in the desired size of 720 x 405 pixels, with the required ratio of 16:9 and in the file format .JPG – regardless of the properties of the original files. Pictures will never be distorted but rather be cropped to the selected ratio. If the original is too small, the picture will not be upscaled. The Fabasoft Cloud automatically filters out and ignores other file formats such as audio or video files that are also contained on this asset shelve. As an additional advantage, the members of the marketing department can search for tagged pictures in a quick and easy manner.

Thanks to the improved digital asset management of the Fabasoft Cloud, the daily work of the graphic designer at GlobalCom and the sharing of all types of digital assets have turned into a time-saving and efficient “walk in the park”.

Upon request, Fabasoft Cloud Support will activate the features for digital asset management free of charge for editions Enterprise and higher.