Intelligent process controlling in the Fabasoft Cloud

Clearly defined business processes play a vital role in simplifying an organisation’s workflows, reducing internal costs and optimising traceability. What do you need to quickly and easily monitor, analyse and control your running business processes?

Process statistics for a comprehensive overview

The Fabasoft Cloud’s digital document management is the answer to this question: The process statistics of the Fabasoft Cloud now provide you with insights into all of your organisation’s running processes. By analysing and, where necessary, actively controlling them, the statistics help you improve attainment in your individual departments.

Rights management determines who may access which statistics: “Process Administrators” have access to the process statistics of the entire organisation, while “Process Owners” are always restricted to accessing only those predefined processes where they have actually been defined as such.

Three-tiered process statistics

A multitude of process statistics depicting individual aspects of process execution is available to provide you with insights into your running processes. On the first level of the three-tiered process statistics, data on all of your organisation’s processes is aggregated and presented. Process administrators have access to the data of all processes while process owners can only see the data of those processes for which they have been defined as such.

General overview - process statistics in the Fabasoft Cloud
General process overview

The process definition level gives an overview per process definition such as “Purchase requisitions”, “Travel expenses” or “Approvals”. Statistics are available for the process throughput illustrating the number of started and completed processes as well as their difference in the selected time period, furthermore the starting date of the running processes of a particular process definition, the percentage breakdown of the delayed running processes as well as the activity deadlines.

Overview by process definition in the process statistiks in the Fabasoft Cloud
Overview by process definition

The third level gives information on the details of a particular process. It shows the runtime of a particular process in days compared to the average runtime of the underlying process definition, the percentage breakdown of the status of the process activities as well as an overview of the most important metadata.

Process details - process statistics in the Fabasoft Cloud
Process details