Fabasoft is one of the fastest-growing ECM providers

The knowledge platform “The Technology Headlines” has named Fabasoft as one of the ten fastest-growing “Enterprise Content Management Solutions Providers 2018”: “These companies have shown the ability to serve their customers by implementing latest technologies that improve the efficiency, productivity, cost of processes and systems.”

The amount of content that is created by businesses has doubled through the years. By now, almost all organisations have recognised the value of their digital assets. Due to the significant increase in unstructured content, many companies are however unable to benefit from this information. Consequently, the need for Cloud Enterprise Content Management service providers who are able to take charge of all ECM tasks within an organisation has risen.

“Fabasoft is at the forefront of providing quintessential Cloud services in Europe for the digital control of documents as well as electronic document, process, and records management”, The Technology Headlines conclude.

Fabasoft supports its customers in digitising, accelerating and simplifying their business processes while improving quality. The aim is clear: To quickly achieve measurable “business value” for the customer’s extended digital organisation while including all important internal and external stakeholders. For this purpose, the Fabasoft Cloud offers innovative capabilities for collaboration across the boundaries of organisations and countries – also with regard to optimising products and services.

“Customers benefit from access that is independent of both location and equipment, efficient knowledge management as well as from faster and more cost-efficient work completion and improved compliance”, says Andreas Dangl, Business Unit Executive Cloud Services at Fabasoft.

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