The Fabasoft Cloud Redesign Provides Even Higher Usability

With the new release of the Fabasoft Cloud, you will benefit from a design that is even more elegant. We have been listening to our customers and have made their wishes come true.

What has changed?

  1. You can access the most important navigation tools such as the “Tree view” or the “Favorites” directly below the logo with a single click to quickly switch from one navigation element to another.
  2. While you are working with the Fabasoft Cloud, the Tree View can be pinned to make it visible all the time.
  3. You can change the width of the Tree view to your own settings at any time, either with the mouse or with the keyboard.
  4. Your organisation's logo is now positioned even more prominently at the very top to keep it visible.
  5. As in previous releases, the action area at the left shows your current object – the Teamroom or folder – as well as the actions you can perform on it.
  6. Functionalities such as viewing the team or the function “Time Travel” can now be started directly from within the action area instead of being “hidden” in the Tools menu as before. You no longer need to expand the menu. Actions pertaining to a Teamroom such as viewing the team are available as long as you are in that particular Teamroom.
  7. If you prefer to, it is also possible to hide tools. Even so, the action area is never closed entirely, but is only collapsed and still provides you with symbols to quickly click for any of its actions. The improved view within the browser is making optimal use of the available space, is offering you many additional options for navigation, and allows you to quickly and easily adapt the Fabasoft Cloud to your own requirements.
  8. The breadcrumb navigation above the content area is yet another new feature. Besides giving you a better overview, it also allows you to navigate within the hierarchy with one click. You can also use your browser’s back button to navigate to the previously shown document or folder.
  9. The action „Define description“ assigns a title as well as a descriptive text to your Teamroom. This information is displayed directly within the content area of the Teamroom. The same is true for public links.
  10. The mobile version of the Fabasoft Cloud has also been considerably enhanced. The menu entries have been grouped to account for a better overview and have more space between them so you can access them more easily by tipping with your finger on the smartphone.


More Overview in the Enhanced Forms Editor

In addition to the classical extension of the object model through so-called Cloud apps, the Fabasoft Cloud allows you to add additional meta data (fields) to the objects by way of user-defined forms – without the need of any programming skills.

The editor has been completely redesigned and now fits in perfectly with the user interface of the Fabasoft Cloud. In addition, the editor can now be operated entirely via the keyboard to make it accessible for users with impairments.
Fields that have been created in user-defined forms are now also available for the sorting, grouping or filtering of lists. Fields in BPMN diagrams or workflows can equally be used for the definition of rules.


Even Higher Usability of the Mindbreeze Search in the Fabasoft Cloud

The higher the number of documents in the Fabasoft Cloud, the more hits a search for content will display. You can comfortably narrow down these hits by way of the filter criteria (so-called facets) of the Mindbreeze search. In a very long list of hits, it may however be necessary to carry out several steps in order to find the right content.

If you now enter a search term in the search area of the Fabasoft Cloud’s Mindbreeze search, you see not only suggestions, but you can also instantly limit the hits to certain search areas such as the data of your organisation (standard setting) or the current Teamroom. With this new functionality, your list of hits is automatically shorter without requiring you to perform an additional click.
In addition, the search field now lists your previous search requests. What has also changed is that your browser’s back button leads you back to the list of hits after you have selected one of them. The search is automatically carried out again.


For a detailed description of this feature as well as all further enhancements of the Fabasoft Cloud September Release, click HERE.