Better overview with a new Home area in the Fabasoft Cloud

The number of “Fabasoft Cloud apps” that are available in the Fabasoft Cloud has continually grown in the past few years, and the same is true for the amount of data which businesses need to manage. Many users had ended up with a Home area covered with links to Teamrooms and folders as well as Fabasoft Cloud apps, configuration areas, shortcuts to favourites and more. It was therefore time to thoroughly revamp the Home area.

The Fabasoft Cloud November 2018 Release (as of November 11, 2018) will therefore present all users of the Fabasoft Cloud with a new and enhanced Home area. The most important changes are the following:

New Home area in the Fabasoft Cloud

The new concept of Dashboards is combining important content in widgets which can be displayed or hidden, changed in size and moved within the Home area individually per user.

Many widgets such as “Personal Folder” immediately show a list of content. This offers a much better overview of the available content and also allows for quick access. With drag-and-drop, widgets can be moved to any position. The widget size can be modified via the context menu. These options dedicated to the customisation of the Home area all support the quick finding of important content and documents in the Fabasoft Cloud.

List of widgets in the new Home area

Depending on your licensed Fabasoft Cloud edition, the following widgets are initially available:

  • Personal Folder
    You can store your most important Teamrooms in your Personal Folder, which basically corresponds to the previous Home area.
  • Organization Folder
    This folder contains all standard Teamrooms of your organisation which you are authorised to access.
  • Teamrooms Shared With Me
    This widget contains all Teamrooms in which you are authorised as a team member, with the exception of those Teamrooms you yourself have created. The list is structured by years and months to provide a better overview. With the “Integrate In My Folder Hierarchy” command you can, for example, store specific Teamrooms in your Personal Folder, in the Favorites or directly on Home.
    Please note: Any existing Teamrooms are automatically taken over to this widget. This may however take some time following the update.
  • Favorites
    The Favorites widget gives you quick access to frequently required objects.
  • Worklist
    This widget displays your Worklist (availability depends on your licensed edition).
  • History
    The History widgets shows the objects most recently used as well as the emails last sent.
  • Further dashboards
    Apps which have their own dashboards are also displayed directly on Home.

Important changes

The following questions and answers will help you quickly become familiar with the new Home area:

Where do I find the objects which used to be on Home?

  • Any folders, inboxes and Teamrooms that were stored directly on Home will automatically be moved to your “Personal Folder”.
  • The standard Teamrooms of your organisation will automatically be moved to your “Organization Folder”.
  • App dashboards (e.g. Contact Management, Worklist or Cloud Organisation) continue to be available directly on Home.

Where can I find the Tool area?

The Tool area is no longer needed directly on Home. It is therefore only displayed in the respective context menus (e.g. in the Personal Folder).

Where can I find the History?

The History is now also available directly on Home.

Important information for external access

When the Fabasoft Cloud November 2018 Release is launched, the new Home area is automatically built at the next login of a user. As a general rule you do not have to take any measures but can benefit from the enhancements right away.

However, if you access your Home area via the Cloud folder or via third party products (e.g. automated access via WebDAV), some manual adaptations are necessary.
Before or right after the update, you will need to modify the file paths to ensure that access on your data in the Fabasoft Cloud will work properly with the new Release.

Manual adaptations are for example necessary for the following use cases:

  • Documents with links to other documents via an absolute path.
  • Backups of specific file paths.

Please read our Whitepaper if this concerns your Fabasoft Cloud account:

Open White Paper "Migration of the Home Area"


The next edition of the Fabasoft Times will provide a detailed description of the new features together with further enhancements of the Fabasoft Cloud November 2018 Release.