1-click digital signatures in the Fabasoft Cloud

If you ever had to sign a document electronically on behalf of a company, you will know how much time and effort this may take. You need to open the document, load the company certificate which is limited to personal use and is probably stored somewhere on a local drive, insert the certificate, save everything and then generate a PDF document.

It sure must be possible to sign a document quicker, and most of all easier!

How does the “1-click digital signature” work?

In the Fabasoft Cloud it is easy to sign a document while you create it. You can either choose the context menu command “Tools“ > “Sign Digitally and Close“ or sign it with the workflow activity “Sign Digitally and Close“. It is even possible to sign multiple documents at the same time.

1-click digital signatures in the Fabasoft Cloud

Ordinary Word documents (e.g. outgoing invoices), Excel worksheets or other files can instantly be turned into PDF/A* documents with a digital signature and be stored as a final format in your Teamroom. Your outgoing invoices are therefore available to be sent via email or as a link in no time at all.

Your benefits:


The company certificates are stored in Fabasoft Secomo by the administrator (the keys remain within the company). The certificates are therefore no longer stored locally on computers. You can obtain company certificates at the issuing bodies for qualified signature certificates.

Access rights

The administrator defines the users who are authorised to sign on behalf of the company. Only these authorised persons can sign documents with the respective certificate.

Easy to use

It only takes a single click to sign a document and store it with an “advanced signature”.

Certified and in compliance with the respective laws

The ISO 19005-1:2005-certified PDF/A document and the “advanced electronic signature“ guarantee that your documents are signed in compliance with the respective laws (e.g. Austrian Act of Accounting).



* * PDF/A is “a file format based on PDF, known as PDF/A, which provides a mechanism for representing electronic documents in a manner that preserves their visual appearance over time, independent of the tools and systems used for creating, storing or rendering the files“ (ISO 19005-1, quote taken from the introduction).