Webinar: Xtechwriter – Elevating documentation creation to a whole new level

22 July 2021, 10:00 - 11:00 CET, Online

Preparing complex technical documentation ties up valuable in-house human resources that possess a high level of technical expertise. Web-based editorial systems make everyday work for technical editors a lot easier. But all too often, companies forget that the processes involved in organizing, coordinating, reviewing, and approving technical documentation across departments and between companies also have to be digitalized if the objective is to minimize the administrative workload for everyone involved.

In this webinar, our product experts, Andreas Dangl and Matthias Kraus, use a real-life example to demonstrate how to digitalize the creation, editing, review, and publication processes for your technical documentation and take them to a whole new level.

This webinar presents:

  • Answers to the questions:
    • What is meant by structured content?
    • What are the advantages of this type of content creation compared with programs like Microsoft Word?
  • A live demonstration of Xtechwriter’s most important functionalities based on a practical use case from the field of technical documentation:
    • Defining uniform style sheets
    • Repurposing content in different documents
    • Starting review and approval processes for individual chapters
    • Publishing as a complete documentation set
    • Working in the web-based XML editing system with Xeditor
    • Integrating text modules and fields
  • A Q&A session where you can ask our two experts any questions you may have


Andreas Dangl

Andreas Dangl is Business Unit Executive for Cloud Services at Fabasoft. He supports numerous large companies from the industrial environment in the introduction of cloud solutions with a particular focus on cross-company processes.

Matthias Kraus

Matthias Kraus is the managing director and founder of Xpublisher GmbH, which is part of the Fabasoft Group. He has been working with XML-based structured content for more than 20 years and advises internationally active companies in the field of multichannel publishing.