Swiss Leaders Dialog Industrie 4.0

At the leading Industry 4.0 summit in Switzerland, key players will engage in discussions about the digitisation of business models and how smart factories, networked products and intelligent supply chains are revolutionising the world.

The Swiss Leaders Dialogue is far from being a typical conference. On the contrary, its focus is on personal talks among colleagues, consultants and experts. The networking concept ensures that experiences, ideas, solutions and strategic aspects can be exchanged effectively, generating practical knowledge and key contacts in a very short time.

“Swiftly digitising industry processes”

The digital revolution is forging ahead – and it has effects not only on the production sites of the industrial sector, but also on its corporate headquarters. It is therefore tremendously important that every C-level executive promotes the digital transformation of his or her organisation to reach the corporate goals in less time, with more efficiency and on reduced costs.
Digitised processes will also help managers to reach their own professional objectives more quickly, allowing them to further develop their department – their team, its tasks and performance, and much more.

The following issues will be brought up for discussion by the two moderators of the Fabasoft fireside chat:

  • New digital services versus established processes, thinking in terms of hash tags, and piles of paper.
  • Why should I personally get involved in digitisation execution instead of leaving it to my ICT specialists?
  • How can my company effectively improve and strengthen its handling of innovation and digitisation?
  • How can innovation and digitisation support me in reaching my professional goals? How can the Fabasoft digitisation platform support you in achieving your professional goals – implementing business value with ease, in little time and on low costs?

Look forward to an exciting and informative discussion!


Klemens Berger

Director Fabasoft Schweiz AG

Klemens Berger is Director of Fabasoft Schweiz AG, a subsidiary of the Fabasoft group, a leading European software manufacturer and Cloud provider for boundless digital records management and electronic documents, process and file management. He has been responsible for Fabasoft’s activities in Switzerland and Liechtenstein with a main focus on sales for 14 years. Together with his customers and partners he is creating innovative services for businesses, their partners and public administration.

Andreas Dangl

Business Unit Executive Cloud Services, Fabasoft

Andreas Dangl is Business Unit Executive Cloud Services at Fabasoft, a leading European vendor of software products for the consistent and efficient handling of electronic documents and business records.
His area of interest lies in increasing the quality and effectiveness of organisations, as well as enhancing their motivation using agile methodologies.