Industry 4.0 Strategy Dialogue

The Strategy Dialogue taking place in Düsseldorf is an event not to be missed by any decision maker who is involved in promoting Industry 4.0 at an organisation.

At a smart factory, people, machines and products are communicating with each other. An intelligent network with suppliers providing components that can communicate and with logistics suppliers offering smart supply chains is in place. The smart factory is also communicating with its customers who have bought its intelligent products - delivered with integrated sensors to send data for maintenance and product development.

Fabasoft supports you in the digitisation of your business processes in observance of your compliance requirements while ensuring communication and records management with customers, suppliers, partners and employees in a safe, quick and mobile environment. Andreas Hofmann will be available for your questions and live presentations during the leading Industry 4.0 networking summit for the DACH region.

Andreas Hofmann

Cloud Sales, Fabasoft

Andreas Hofmann is part of the Cloud Sales Team at Fabasoft, a leading European cloud provider for business-to-business collaboration "Made in Europe". He is supporting customers with their digitisation efforts and compliance requirements.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Industry 4.0 Strategy Dialogue on January 30 and 31, 2018 in Düsseldorf. If you want to meet with Andreas Hofmann during the event, please book ahead by sending him an email message at He will get in touch with you right away.