“How can Austria educate more computer science graduates?” Fabasoft TechSalon

Shortage of IT specialists in Austria

Austria’s IT industry is short of thousands of specialists. Ways to overcome this problem.

The number of graduates that Austrian universities are “producing” is too low. Access restrictions are putting a further strain on the situation. In addition, the “nerdy” perception of computer science studies does not help to convince graduates of non-technical schools (AHS, BHS) to enrol in an IT programme at University.

At the Fabasoft TechSalon on June 20, 2018 in Vienna, MMag. Dr. Claudia Resch (CEO Austrian Research and Support Center for the Gifted and Talented - ÖZBF), O.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Wolfgang Pree (Software Engineering at the University of Salzburg) and Dipl.-Ing. Prof. Helmut Fallmann (member of the Managing Board of Fabasoft AG and president of the association Talente OÖ) will discuss ways to overcome the shortage of IT specialists.

More flexibility in training, computer sciences as a standard subject matter at schools

“Our training in computer sciences must become more flexible. The road to success is to connect computer science studies with other fields of study! The experience gained at the Vienna University of Economics and Business with its Business Information Systems programme is clearly proving the success of this approach”, says Helmut Fallmann. At the same time, information technology must become a part of every programme’s curriculum, since basic knowledge in that matter will be a prerequisite for each and every professional category.


With the Go4IT programme offered at the University of Salzburg, Wolfgang Pree is breaking new ground: The University is offering computer science lectures of its Bachelors’ programme in a way that allows students of AHS upper cycles to attend them parallel to lessons at school. Exams taken this way will be credited if the student goes on to study at the University. Go4IT is in this way contributing to raising the interest of students in IT and maybe even motivating them to studying this field.

Talent programmes

Changing training in IT sciences will not be enough to counter the general lack of specialists in Austria. It is necessary to change training in general, to promote talents and those who are talented, and to revaluate non-academic trainings and certificates.

The panel of renowned experts will therefore discuss the following topics:

  • Why should Austria not only educate more IT graduates but generally put more focus on talents and those who are talented?
  • What can be done to get rid of the “nerdy” perception of IT studies?
  • How can training in computer sciences be effectively improved and extended at the level of AHS?
  • What is the Go4IT project, and why is it so successful?

Look forward to an exciting and informative discussion!

The panel:

Dr. Claudia Resch


Dr. Claudia Resch has been with the Austrian Research and Support Center for the Gifted and Talented (ÖZBF) since 2006. In 2012 she became CEO. The ÖZBF is Austria’s federal institution for the promotion of talents and excellence, and supports individuals, institutions and initiatives in their efforts to promote talents.
Claudia Resch is applying a holistic and systemic approach to the promotion of talents and excellence that encompasses all venues of education - kindergarten, school, university, but also families, the economy and local communities. This is the only way to ensure a continuous development of talents.

Dr. Wolfgang Pree


Following his studies in computer sciences and his doctorate sub auspiciis praesidentis in 1992 at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Wolfgang Pree earned his habilitation there on software construction (Design Patterns). In 1997, Pree was appointed Full Professor at the University of Konstanz. In 2002 he relocated to the University of Salzburg. During sabbatical breaks he was at the University of California, Berkeley, as well as the University of California, San Diego.
His field of research is software engineering with a focus on the principles of software construction. Currently, his research projects deal with realtime software in automobile, aviation and automation systems.

Helmut Fallmann

Member of the Managing Board, Fabasoft AG

30 years ago, Helmut Fallmann founded the software group Fabasoft together with Leopold Bauernfeind. Today he is a member of the Managing Board of Fabasoft AG. Fabasoft has developed into a leading European software manufacturer and Cloud provider headquartered in Linz, Austria. The visionary and committed European Helmut Fallmann is particularly dedicated to Europe as a business location. The entrepreneur is convinced that the potential of the European IT business to create added value needs to be used to a much greater extent within the framework of the digital Single Market. Helmut Fallmann is actively involved in the joint establishment of a “Code of Conduct” for European Cloud providers within the Cloud Select Industry Group.

Martin Szelgrad

Martin Szelgrad, editor-in-chief at Report Verlag

Economic journalist Martin Szelgrad has been working is the editor-in-chief of the specialist magazines "Telekom & IT Report" and "Energie Report". In addition to working on numerous other magazines and books, he has been managing the editorship of the "eAward" award since 2005. He is an experienced moderator of panel discussions and business events.

Moderator: Martin Szelgrad, editor-in-chief at Report Verlag


5:00 pm:  Doors open
5:30 pm:  Panel discussion
6:45 pm:  Q&A
                  Get-together and networking
8:30 pm:  End of event

Please note: the event will be held in German!

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