“Five tips on how to use SAP at HR departments in a GDPR-compliant way” 30-minute webinar

Time is running out: The provisions of EU-GDPR will enter into force on May 25th, 2018. This leaves little time for businesses to prepare adequately for the proper implementation of the regulation.

The General Data Protection Regulation also concerns any personal data that is stored and processed in SAP systems.

SNP | The Transformation Company and Fabasoft will help you with five tips on how to implement SAP at your HR department in a GDPR-compliant way: Take 30 minutes to learn more about the new requirements for SAP users and the tools SNP is offering for the processing of structured data in SAP.

Keeping the personal data of your employees in mind is equally important. With its “out-of-the-box” digital Personnel File that is integrated with SAP, Fabasoft is offering a solution for the digital, structured and legally compliant management of personnel files and their related documents. The webinar will also highlight the tools that can be used to work with these personnel files and documents in a GDPR-compliant way.

You can benefit from the webinar by learning:

  • How you can meet the challenges of GDPR in SAP
  • How data masking in SAP is working in connection with EU-GDPR
  • How to minimise data exchange with external applications from SAP
  • How you can quickly and easily couple SAP with external solutions such as the Fabasoft Personnel File
  • How you can process and store personnel data in a GDPR-compliant way

The 30-minute webinar will answer the most important questions on GDPR and your SAP environment and will also highlight tools aimed at processing personnel data in SAP in full compliance with EU-GDPR.

The Speakers:

Manuel Kutscher, B.A.

Sales Manager, SNP AUSTRIA

For several years, Manuel Kutscher has been supporting customers who store personal data in their SAP systems. In the course of consulting, he deals specifically with the possibilities of data alienation and the documentation of data flows from a compliance perspective.

Hasan Cakmak

Product Owner Fabasoft Personnel File

Being the Product Owner Hasan Cakmak is responsible for the development of the Fabasoft Personnel File. He is currently focussing on the model-based digitisation of human resources processes as well as the digital and revision-safe retention of records and documents.

Please note: The webinar will be held in German!



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