Finanzgipfel 2018

The digital revolution at Finance departments – How can CFOs act instead of react?

Financial executives are facing enormous challenges. The digital transformation does not stop at the doorsteps of their offices. Instead, it should be implemented and put into practice as quickly as possible. In addition, immense cost pressures require intelligent solutions which can add to the sustainable optimisation of the cost structures. What is the best way to design the right solutions and avoid costly misinvestments given the considerable pressure of time?

The Finanzgipfel 2018 with its keynotes on current topics, exciting round tables and discussions with decision makers and experts is the perfect place to find out how you can set clever goals and achieve them effectively in your area of responsibility.

Die Top-Themen der Veranstaltung:

  • Digitisation
  • Financial management
  • Reporting and planning processes
  • Risk management
  • Liquidity and financial planning
  • Big data
  • Corporate planning and management

„Quick, easy and cost-effective digitisation in Product Management at international businesses and groups“

In the area of Product Management, particularly in the case of product introductions, many processes are running across the boundaries of departments, IT systems, countries or organisations. This regularly involves countless unstructured emails, lots of informal communication, a lack of centralised information storage, no transparency in the handling of processes, no traceability, no standardisation, no automation, no digitisation and no reporting aimed at a higher level of predictability.

At the Fabasoft Roundtable Andreas Dangl will discuss with you whether and how a European Business Cloud solution can support businesses in digitising these processes in a quick, easy and cost-effective manner while considering the specifics of the respective organisation.
Is it really possible to digitise a process within a few weeks, to implement it at your organisation with the key players, test it and roll it out? Can the digital transformation of an organisation be achieved on the basis of process digitisation in Product Management to increase the added value and reach the revenue targets in less time?

Andreas Dangl, Business Unit Executive Cloud Services, and Hasan Cakmak, Product Owner Fabasoft Personnel File, are looking forward to meeting you for interesting discussions and a lively exchange of ideas!

If you would like to arrange a meeting at the Finanzgipfel, please send an email message with a proposed time to or

Andreas Dangl

Business Unit Executive Cloud Services, Fabasoft

Andreas Dangl is Business Unit Executive Cloud Services at Fabasoft, a leading European vendor of software products for the consistent and efficient handling of electronic documents and business records.
His area of interest lies in increasing the quality and effectiveness of organisations, as well as enhancing their motivation using agile methodologies.

Hasan Cakmak

Product Owner Fabasoft Personnel File

Being the Product Owner Hasan Cakmak is responsible for the development of the Fabasoft Personnel File. He is currently focussing on the model-based digitisation of human resources processes as well as the digital and revision-safe retention of records and documents.