Fabasoft Schweiz – 1-to-1 PowerTalk

Digitisation experts of Fabasoft at your office

In a 50-minute PowerTalk with Klemens Berger, Director Fabasoft Schweiz AG, you will discuss topics such as:

1. Hardly a day goes by without news and innovations on digitisation.

  • New digital services versus established processes, thinking in terms of hash tags, and piles of paper.
  • Why should I personally get involved in digitisation execution instead of leaving it to my ICT specialists?
  • How can my company effectively improve and strengthen its handling of innovation and digitisation?
  • How can innovation and digitisation support me in reaching my professional goals?

2. You know the formula for success – it’s the Lego building blocks you have been playing with as a child.

  • Fabasoft’s digitisation platform supports you in reaching your professional goals: Implementing business value with ease, in little time and on low costs..
  • Standardised and proven building blocks on the highest technological level.
  • Simply start and try – allow for errors and learn from them.
  • Successful together: Building block after block in co-creation!

3. A practical proposal: “Digitisation Execution powered by Fabasoft“!

  • Look forward to an exciting and informative discussion and don’t wait to register for a non-binding PowerTalk at your office!
  • What is “Digitisation Execution powered by Fabasoft”, and why is it so successful?
  • Some examples of Fabasoft projects: “on the leading edge” – highest ranking in “ability to execute“ – OPEX versus CAPEX.
  • Developing a practical proposal together – for you and your business: Achieving business value quickly, easily, on low costs and exceeding your expectations.

Klemens Berger


Klemens Berger is Director of Fabasoft Schweiz AG, a subsidiary of the Fabasoft group, a leading European software manufacturer and Cloud provider for boundless digital records management and electronic documents, process and file management.
He has been responsible for Fabasoft’s activities in Switzerland and Liechtenstein with a main focus on sales for 14 years. Together with his customers and partners he is creating innovative services for businesses, their partners and public administration.