“EU-GDPR and the transfer of personal data to third countries” 30-minute webinar

Overview, challenges, the special case of the United States and a checklist for a GDPR audit

While there are no restrictions on the free movement of data within the EU on account of the equal levels of data protection guaranteed by GDPR, movement of data to third countries (or international organisations) has become more complicated with the new guidelines and is only permissible on the basis of certain requirements. However, many businesses need to transfer data in order to carry out their operative business – and this is not limited to associated companies of US-based groups with branch offices in the EU.

What needs to be done?

In this webinar, Max Schrems, founder and chairman of the NGO “NOYB – European Center for Digital Rights”, will talk about his own practical experiences and highlight some of the particularly sensitive issues of GDPR. He will mainly focus on the transfer of personal data to third countries. Many businesses are still too careless in the way they process the data of (potential) customers, partners, employees, etc. With NOYB, Max Schrems wants to make sure that EU-GDPR does not stop with its taking effect on May 25, 2018, but that it will subsequently also be adhered to.

Andreas Dangl will continue with a short live demo on how Fabasoft is dealing with this challenging topic as a European provider of Business Clouds: Fabasoft Cloud customers decide themselves in which highly secure national data centre within the EU they want to store their company data. Our customers always comply with national data protection legislation since they enter into a contract with a local contractual partner of the Fabasoft group. The “Time travel” function continually and automatically tracks all information on which data was changed by whom, how, and when. Access authorisations are easy and transparent to manage and can be viewed by all users at any time in a clear manner.

How you can benefit from this webinar:

You will receive information on

  • the countries that are considered as “safe third countries”,
  • the conditions that make it legal to transfer data to a third country,
  • the significance of the “Privacy Shield” agreement as well as
  • the questions you should ask of a Cloud provider on this issue.

Please note: the webinar is held in German!

Max Schrems

Lawyer, author and data protection activist

Max Schrems has conducted several successful judicial proceedings in the areas of data protection and privacy. His cases (e.g. against Facebook and the EU-US Safe Harbor Agreement) have received wide media coverage. For many years, he has been advocating the idea of a professional NGO working to enforce the rights arising from data protection and to represent Internet users who are usually not able to litigate proceedings against major corporations by themselves. With NOYB – European Center for Digital Rights, Schrems has turned this vision into a reality!

Andreas Dangl

Business Unit Executive Cloud Services, Fabasoft

Andreas Dangl is Business Unit Executive Cloud Services at Fabasoft, a leading European vendor of software products for the consistent and efficient handling of electronic documents and business records.
His area of interest lies in increasing the quality and effectiveness of organisations, as well as enhancing their motivation using agile methodologies.


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