“Digital Asset Management in the Cloud” 30-minute-webinar

The Fabasoft Cloud’s Digital-Asset-Management is making it easier than ever to organise, edit and share your picture, audio, video and document assets – the “digital treasures” of your organisation.

On account of central archiving, Fabasoft’s Digital-Asset-Management provides order and structure to your workflows. Based on a clear concept of rights and roles that is defined by your organisation, all persons involved in a project are granted the necessary access rights to documents, pictures and videos – your digital treasures. In addition, you can efficiently index pictures and documents. Picture and video metadata are extracted automatically in this context.
The Mindbreeze search will help you find any pictures, illustrations or other documents quickly and efficiently. You then edit these assets and safely transmit them to your employees, partners or service providers. This workflow ensures that collaboration between all parties concerned becomes more efficient, that the effort involved in editing is reduced and that costs will be saved.

In his 30-minute webinar, Andreas Dangl will show you how your daily work with and the sharing of all types of digital data (pictures, audio and video files as well as documents) can be turned into a time-saving and efficient “walk in the park” with the Fabasoft Digital-Asset-Management.

How you can benefit from Fabasoft’s Digital-Asset-Management:

  • Digital Asset Management as a Service – ready to use, easy to scale and at a competitive price
  • Central management of digital assets for internal and external users
  • Flexible data release for employees, project teams and external collaborators – with continuously close control through clearly defined authorisations
  • Effective, quick and secure collaboration by avoiding large email attachments
  • Boundless digitisation of processes, for example in collaborating with agencies
  • Mobile, secure and encrypted access to digital assets 
  • Data storage only at certified data centres in Austria, Germany and Switzerland – the choice is yours
  • Compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR)
  • Intuitive handling – resulting in low costs for training
  • Increased productivity thanks to the integrated efficient Mindbreeze search
  • Higher quality in transparency, overview and informational value
  • Integrated reporting on access, downloads and licences of assets
  • Flexible adaptations of self services for media galleries based on your requirements
  • Local, quick, qualified and guaranteed support
  • Easy takeover of data from other DAM systems

Your Speaker:

Andreas Dangl

Business Unit Executive Cloud Services, Fabasoft

Andreas Dangl ist Business Unit Executive Cloud Services der Fabasoft. Sein aktueller Schwerpunkt liegt auf der durchgängigen Digitalisierung von europäischen und global agierenden Unternehmen mit besonderen Compliance-Anforderungen, besonders im Bereich Datensicherheit und Datenschutz, die Nutzen aus dem Einsatz von Cloud-Diensten ziehen wollen, um im internationalen Wettbewerb erfolgreich zu sein.